Happy Baking with Groupon Philippines and CCS Bake Shop

Avid readers may have realized by now how When In Manila just can’t get enough of delicious desserts. We’ve talked endlessly about the different macarons around the metro, the delectable artisan ice cream, and even the much loved cupcakes. But hey, since we Filipinos love cupcakes so much, we might as well bake ourselves batches of these deliriously sweet confections, right?

Oh yes, Groupon Philippines agrees! The group buying site now offers an irresistible deal for budding bakers: Up to 65% off on a Cupcake Baking and Decorating Class at the CCS Bakeshop and Decorating School!


CCS Bake Shop Araneta Center


If you haven’t heard of CCS, shame on you! Here’s the lowdown on the humble bake shop in Cubao:

Located near SM Hypermarket Cubao, the CCS Bakeshop and Decorating School is a family owned and run business that has helped hone the skills of many known bakers in the Philippines. At CCS, students get to learn techniques Mrs. Avelina Florendo has learned from the seminars and classes she attended in various schools in England, Canada, Australia, Italy, France and the US. It was she who brought the Wilton way of cake decoration and confectionery art in the Philippines in 1980, and it was she who revolutionized our concept, ideas and method of cake decoration in the country.

Also known as the mother of cake decorators in the Philippines, Mrs. Florendo has taught cake decoration and sugarcrafts for around 40 years, being one of the influential people in the country who endeavored to contribute her knowledge and expertise in the baking and cake decoration industry.


CCS Bake Shop Flower Decoration

Making beautifully done, edible centerpieces like this one must be just a walk in the park for Mrs. Florendo!


CCS Bake Shop Ma-ai Florendo and son

Mrs. Ma-ai Florendo and her son Emmanuel begins the class with a short introduction.


CCS Bake Shop Cupcake Making Classmates

 The cupcake enthusiasts!


CCS Bake Shop Carrot Cupcake

 Using the Kitchen-Aid mixer for preparing the carrot cupcake batter.


CCS Bake Shop Moist Dark Chocolate Cupcake

And here’s the batter for the dark chocolate


CCS Bake Shop Cupcake Class


CCS Bake Shop Ethel Merioles


CCS Bake Shop Baked Carrot Cupcakes

 Baked goodness in cups!


CCS Bake Shop Baked Cupcakes

Yummy moist dark chocolate cupcakes!


The CCS Bake Shop and Decorating School offers a wide variety of courses at affordable prices, one of which involved a whole day’s affair of baking and decorating cupcakes. Grouponites get to choose to bake a bunch of different flavored cupcakes in one day, or just opt to attend the half-day (AM or PM) session. I chose the half-day session, since I was mostly interested in baking CCS’ moist dark chocolate and carrot cupcakes. The Groupon listing promised a hands-on session that “will last around three to five hours,” and sure enough, the half-day session lasted for about 4 hours. CCS provided the ingredients, baking materials and equipment, and even their well-guarded secret recipes for the cupcakes.

Want to see how we decorated the cupcakes? Hit the next page to find out!


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