Mrs. Graham’s Bakery: Go loco with Macarons!

My friends can attest how I love macarons! How everytime I see it on the dessert menu, I order every flavor. So when Cheryl Golangco, also a writer for When In Manila, asked me to review macarons from Mrs. Graham’s Bakery I gladly accepted the invitation.



Mrs. Graham’s Bakery is owned by Anna Graham. She also bakes the macarons herself, what sets this apart from the other bakery who sells the famous French dessert is that she makes a one-of-a-kind macarons. Just look at the flavors on the right side — Malibu Rum, Tequila Rose and Baileys




Six available flavors of macarons available at Mrs. Graham’s Bakery.

I’ve been to many bakery and cafe’s around the metro to have a taste of different macarons, and of course to search for the most delicious! I even bought a dessert cookbook and watched countless videos just to know how it’s made. A macaron — not macaroon — is a meringue-based confectionery with a filling sandwiched between two cookies.


The right texture of a macaron is that it should have a crunchy outer layer but the inside should be soft. The cookies of the macarons shouldn’t be too sweet so that it wouldn’t affect the flavor of the feeling. Mrs. Graham’s macarons is perfect! I love the cookies, which are not too sweet, but has a distinct taste. The fillings are generously spread and delicious at that!


11Mrs. Graham’s Macarons de Paris!


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