Tey’s Cakes and Pastries: Delectable Home-made Baked Products

When in Manila, it can be refreshing to find home-made pastries apart from the mass-produced ones made in the fast pace of the city. You can tell that they have been made with time, superb baking skills, and craftsmanship. Tey’s Cakes and Cupcakes can give you just that: delectable home-made baked products.

Upon checking out Tey’s Cakes and Pastries‘s Facebook Fan Page, I was hooked. The designs of the cakes, cupcakes, and other pastries were simply cute and enticing.

teys cakes and pastries

Cupcake towers and cakes at Tey’s Cakes and Pastries


teys cakes and pastries 3

teys cakes and pastries 2Cupcakes galore at Tey’s Cakes and Pastries! 

The owner, Arlo Alejandro, even had his cake that looks like his car get featured at Top Gear PH’s Facebook Fan Page. 

toyota mr2 car cake teys cakes and pastriesWhich one is the cake from Tey’s Cakes and Pastries and which one is the car?  

 Tey’s Cakes and Pastries go way back from their grandmother’s love for baking. Her fruitcake was exceptional and was recognized for its unique taste.

teys cakes and pastries newspaper featureBaking talent runs in the family!

 Since I live down south, it’s hard to find bakeshops that have red velvet cupcakes. I read at Tey’s Cakes and Pastries that they offer chocolate decadent, vanilla cupcakes, red velvet, cookies n’ cream and carrot-pineapple cupcakes as well as cakes. Since Tey’s Cakes and Pastries cupcakes looked so good, I decided to order some from them and actually pay their kitchen a visit. I also threw in some vanilla cupcakes. 


teys cakes and pastries red velvet vanilla cupcakes 3I was almost at cupcake heaven at Tey’s Cakes and Pastries kitchen

Confession: I am more inclined to buying home-made products rather than the massed-produced ones. May it be with crafts, ice cream, or cupcakes. I feel that these products are the ones done with more focus and craftsmanship.

teys cakes and pastries cupcake frostingCupcakes getting dressed up with frosting at Tey’s Cakes and Pastries


teys cakes and pastries arlo j alejandroEven the owner of Tey’s Cakes and Pastries Arlo Alejandro frosted some cupcakes for me!


teys cakes and pastries red velvet vanilla cupcakes 2

teys cakes and pastries red velvet vanilla cupcakesLook at that cupcake goodness!