Hang Up & Help Out at The Street Store @ Sto. Domingo Church

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What’s a Street Store

The Street Store is the world’s free pop-up clothing store for the homeless, found entirely on the street and stocked by donations. Basically, people will come in to donate clothes, hang them on the posters and then the homeless can shop for free!

With the idea to give the homeless the same dignity and option as customers, The Street Store doesn’t just help to clothe the homeless, but also empower them by giving the retail experience of looking around and choosing their own clothes. Customers in need are welcome to choose an outfit for themselves from the hundreds of donated items, giving the gift of self-assured style along with needed clothing.

When & Where

On Saturday, February 25, best friends Genevieve Abuzo and Jana Bunagan are hosting their second Street Store in collaboration with Clover Hartly and Gigantic Doodles & Sketches. It will be held at Sto. Domingo Church, Roofdeck Activity Area from 10AM to 3PM.

How you can help

Channel your inner Marie Kondo and declutter your closets. Donate items you don’t wear anymore. Bring clothes, shoes, bags or anything! Donation will be accepted throughout the day, but everyone is encouraged to bring it before the doors are opened to the shoppers – around 9AM to 10AM.

Now that you know about this spread the word! tweet, post a Facebook status!

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