Dainty Handmade Polymer Clay Jewelry by Artera: The Perfect Gift for the Stylish Women in Your Life

Beautiful, elegant, and artfully made—these polymer clay jewelry by Filipino-run online store Artera are not the kind you’d want to keep hidden inside your jewelry boxes but rather displayed out in the open for you to admire every day.

Artera is made by a stay-at-home mom of three, Tera Kamille Villagomez-Sebuala, who started making clay trinkets for her children as a new hobby she picked up amid the pandemic. She began researching and watching tutorial videos on how to make them, and eventually discovered clay jewelry. With the help of her husband, Kamille soon turned her little passion project into a small business.

artera.ph earrings

Personally, I was blown away by gorgeous the jewelry pieces were, and to think that each is intricately handcrafted by Kamille. The unique designs make them seem like little artwork that you can wear and I especially love that they can go with any kind of outfit—from casual looks to formal attire.

“For me, the authenticity and details make Artera unique. I design every collection from scratch. I make sure that the designs I make aren’t copied, or if it’s a common flower, I make sure you’ll see Artera in it and hope to stand out. My designs also have a touch of my personal tastes and experiences,” Kamille shared with WhenInManila.com.

“I’ve always loved designing, aesthetics, and pastel/nude/neutral colors. (If it wasn’t for my mom, my degree would have been in interior design!) I find inspiration from nature, rustic bohemian designs, modern interiors, fashion, and beautiful places like Greece, and then I incorporate them with different colors and shapes, playing around and mixing and matching until it satisfies my eyes.”

artera.ph holding earrings

Not only is each piece handmade with love and care, but is also done in small batches to ensure that no material is wasted and that there is more freedom for Kamille to unleash her creativity.

“I named Artera after my name for the obvious reason that I’ve always loved art ever since I was a kid. In every piece I make, I pour my heart and mind into it, that’s why it’s hard to stop. Every time I make, may it be a collection, a custom order, or just experimenting, I really do enjoy it. And when they say handcrafted pieces are not cheap, believe it, ‘cause there is a lot that goes into it, and it always has a personal touch and maybe even a story behind it,” she added.

Artera offers not just earrings but necklaces, bracelets, hairclips, rings, keychains, bag charms, and eyeglasses straps. You can also make custom orders (check out Artera’s Instagram story highlights to see what Kamille has made for her clients).

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Photos from Instagram.com/artera.ph

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