Hanamichi: Authentic Japanese Cuisine in the South

Want to know a secret? There isn’t a lot of authentic Japanese cuisine in Metro Manila. If you’ve ever been to Japan, you’ll know that they even their basics – sashimi, ramen, yakiniku – are so differently flavorful and delectable.

If you’re from Makati, there are a number of authentic Japanese restaurants that can satisfy your craving for authenticity. However, if you’re from the South, you might have trouble finding something that will impress Japanese visitors. Fortunately, Hanamichi is here to show you why authenticity is everything.

It’s interiors have a clean Japanese design along with fluidity with spaces for different purposes.

From intimate groups to bigger business meeting types to solo diners, there is enough space in this two-floor restaurant for anyone wanting to enjoy authentic Japanese food.

Now let’s cut the chase and get to the meat of all things: ALL of the ingredients served in Hanamichi come from Japan – from the smallest seasoning to the actual main star of the menu.

Take the Nihon Unaju (Php2,200 – now 60% lower!), for instance. It’s one of the bestsellers that Hanamichi can legitimately boast of. The unagi (eel) comes from Japan and isn’t cultured here in our country. This means that the water and weather conditions that this type of unagi grew in is different, which plays a big factor in the final taste of this dish. This is how unagi in Japan would taste like! All of the other side dishes in all of the plates featured here are also imported from Japan.

Next up is the Wagyu, Hotate Kushiyaki & Japanese Rice (Php3,200 – now 60% lower!). This set has the best wagyu from Japan. One bite into the beef, and you’ll find yourself in heaven. Add to that the mushrooms soul and side dishes, and you’ll get a delectable meal that’s so worth it.

We haven’t even gotten started with the Hanamichi Sashimi (Php2,700 – now 60% lower!) yet, and our tastebuds are already running on overdrive. The art of eating starts with feasting with the eyes. If you take in the art before you start putting these in your mouth, the experience gets even better. With all of these wonders from the Japanese sea, you are assured of the Hanamchi sashimi tasting sweeter and melting better in your mouth.

All of this comes with the set.

I generally love eating Chirashi because of the many things in it that can really fill up your tummy. The Hanamichi Kaisen Chrashi (Php 2,700 – now 60% lower!) is one to top all of the local Chirashi I’ve tasted, though.

I couldn’t even get myself to eat it because I was staring at it too much.

All of these meals end with cold soba. The noodles are freshly handmade. The chef in Hanamichi is Japanese, too. So, aside from the ingredients, you are assured that the hands that made it are authentic all the way!

My version of happiness is taking delight at the sight of the food, soaking in the art, and enjoying every bit of it.

If you’ve noticed, there’s nothing different about Hanamichi’s dishes. There are no twists or different ingredients. It’s just the plain old classics, which we all love, made more authentic with ingredients flown in from Japan.

The prices may seem higher than your typical Japanese food fix, but take note that you are paying for premium authenticity.

Most of Hanamichi’s patrons are Japanese expats, which is a sign that they really serve good authentic food. As for us, we finally have a premium place where we can proudly bring our Japanese visitors or VIPs.

Since we are still in quarantine, though, you will be happy to hear that Hanamichi is now open for takeout and delivery, so you can enjoy all of this authentic premium goodness at home.


Westgate Center, Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa

83526369 / 09982806008


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