Habi Footwear: True-Blue Filipino-Made Shoes that Really Make a Statement

Habi Footwear: True-Blue Filipino-Made Shoes that Really Make a Statement


When in Manila, most women love to shop and most of those women love to shop… for shoes. One thing I’ve always been fond of doing, though, is support Filipino-made brands – go, Pinoy! Some of the most noteworthy Filipino-made brands that I have supported thus far include Timbre headphones, Style Manila accessories and La Bolsa bags. Now, another Filipino-made brand has made it onto that roster of mine, as well: Habi Footwear.

Habi Footwear

Habi is a social enterprise under Sosyal Revolution, Inc. that has been around since July 2011. Its goal is to maximise profits while creating positive social impact at the same time. In the fashion retail industry, Habi promotes 100% Filipino-made and cutting-edge footwear that caters to both women and children. I cannot wait to get a pair for my daughter sometime soon!

Habi Footwear


Seriously… how cute are those tinier versions in the back there?

Habi doesn’t just sell Filipino-made footwear, though. They also make a statement that promotes expression and individuality in a responsible, environmentally concerned and socially aware manner.

Habi Footwear

As a social enterprise, Habi Footwear aims to make positive change in the following ways:

1. By giving the mothers in Kawan ni Sto. livelihood opportunities and trainings;

2. By reducing solid waste and turning scrap cloth into actual footwear;

3. By promoting lifestyle changes in a responsible and comfortable way.

Who wouldn’t want to support such a worthy cause?

The best part is that, aside from the styles shown above, Habi footwear also offers all sorts of others styles, so you are sure to find something that will suit your fashion sense.

Habi Footwear

Floral styles for the girly girl.

Habi Footwear

Classy wedges.

Habi Footwear

And my top pick: the casual, very Filipino-looking slip-ons.

Habi footwear is now available at the Ramp Crossings of EDSA Shangri-la Mall, but you can also catch them in all sorts of bazaars around the metro.

Habi Footwear

All photos by Dale Ligon.

In the near future, the partners behind Habi Footwear are also hoping to expand into other fashion products When in Manila, such as clothing and accessories, that put authentic Filipino woven materials to use.

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Habi Footwear


Unit 217, FBR Arcade, Bgy. Loyola Heights, Katipunan Ave. Quezon City

2nd Floor, The Ramp Crossings, EDSA Shangri-La Mall

0917 738 6159 / 02 330 1964


Website: https://www.habifootwear.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HabiFootwear?fref=ts

Twitter: @walkhabi

Instagram: @habifootwear


Habi Footwear: True-Blue Filipino-Made Shoes that Make a Statement