Filipino Made Headsets: Timbre Headphones


When In Manila, it’s time to support the local music and brands in the market today! I just recently found out about this local brand of headsets and I’m very excited to share them with you!


Let me introduce you to TIMBRE HEADPHONES!








TIMBRE [TAM-BER], The Color of Music


TIMBRE is pronounced as TAM-BER. It is defined as tone quality or, loosely, the color of music—hence, the tagline. When the same note is played on a piano and on a guitar, there is a difference in the tone. TIMBRE is responsible for this.





TIMBRE aims to express VISUAL AUDIO, or the visual representation of music. We believe that music comes to life in our minds, where it has its own color, shape, and size. For example, we think that Rock music is yellow and black, with guns, roses, and kiss marks. We think that House music is futuristic, neon on a dark background, with laser lights shooting at the audience according to its own beat. This, of course, depends on who you ask.


TIMBRE headphones are designed with this in mind. What you see on your TIMBRE headphones are visual representations of music that people can easily understand and relate to. When they see it, they know exactly what it is about. 





In bringing TIMBRE’s proposition to life, the design philosophy will always be




This means that, for all TIMBRE products, the brand will be working with musicians (or anyone / anything that’s related to music) and a design studio (or visual artist) in it’s mission of translating that particular music into a visual art form.






Advocacy – Support Local Music


TIMBRE will always be about supporting local music, because it believes that this is where all good music originates. This applies even in the future, when TIMBRE would have made its presence felt in a global scale.






Claim to Fame – The Filipino Headphone


TIMBRE is the first and only Filipino brand of headphones.





Proposition – Visualizing Filipino Music


Because TIMBRE is a Filipino brand, it only makes sense that it launches with a Filipino design. Before the design stage, a question was posed by TIMBRE to its collaborating design studio: “What does Filipino Music look like?”. Hence, the TIMBRE GITARA is a visual representation of Filipino Music.





Collaborator – Team Manila


TIMBRE chose Team Manila as its collaborator for its launch design because the design studio has made a mark in pop culture for its signature Filipino visual design.



Design Story – An Ode to the Old-school Filipino Guitar


TIMBRE and Team Manila think that Filipino music looks like the old-school Filipino guitar, because it serves as the cornerstone of Filipino music. The TIMBRE GITARA Headphone is a blend of elements that make it distinguished and unmistakably Filipino.






Design Walk Through





-Old-School Guitar Etch design on earpiece

-Iconic Sun and 3 Stars of the Philippine Flag

-Diagonal lines that symbolize guitar strings

-The metaphoric collaboration statement: “TIMBRE X TEAM MANILA JAMMING”





-New-School Guitar Etch design on earpiece

-6 Guitar strings

-Iconic Sun of the Philippine Flag

-The advocacy statement: “SUPPORT LOKAL MUSIC”



SKUs Available


White GITARA – Grey and Gold on Matte White


Black GITARA – Brick Red and Tan on Matte Black







Adjustable Earpiece Length – all head accepted

Foldable Design – bring anywhere

Detachable Cord – easy storage, less breakage

Flat Fabric Cord – no tangles



Tech Specs


Loudhailer: 40 mm (Diameter)

Frequency Range: 20-20,000 MHz

Sensitivity: 110 dB

Impedance: 32 Ohm S.P.L. (at 1 KHz)

Maximum Power Input: 100 mW

Plug (mm): 3.5 mm stereo

Cable Length: ~ 1.5 m

Accessory: Volume Control



Suggested Retail Price


PHP 2,499



Retail Oulets


Team Manila Lifestyle

The A Shop

Mobile 1

Game Stop

CoG (Center of Gravity)

Vinyl on Vinyl


The Sole Project

Wooden Canvass

*more to come!





6 months limited warranty on production defects (see warranty details on website)






When In Manila, it’s time to get yourself the very first Filipino made headphones! Grab a pair of Timbre Headphones and support local Philippine music today!





Twitter: @timbreheadphone





Filipino Made Headsets: Timbre Headphones


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