Guiltlessly Indulge This Mother’s and Father’s Days at Sofitel Manila

Photos by Renuela Altar

In my family, food is how we choose to celebrate anything and everything. From minute moments to momentous milestones, we mark each event through food. On birthdays we cook for one another, as congratulations we bring home treats, and even just catching up with each member of the family culminates in a midnight snack. But for the most exceptional of occasions, we look for somewhere special to bring them.

So where do you take the most important people of your life on their special day? How do you fit an entire lifetime’s worth of gratitude into just one meal? I didn’t think there was an answer to this until I saw what Sofitel Manila, and Spiral particularly, had planned for our own personal superheroes.

This Mother’s Day, Sofitel Manila offers an experience that ensures your moms will eat well and live well. From May 12 to 14, 2017, they pay tribute to mothers everywhere who have worked to give their children happy and healthy lives. Crafted for this particular affair, Spiral puts in place a menu that defies the typical stereotypes placed on nutritious food.

Sofitel 1A salad of edible flowers, asparagus, quinoa, pomegranate calamansi and vinaigrette put together for our very own Olympic medalist, Hidilyn Diaz

Developed by Spiral’s masterful chefs in collaboration with sports and fitness icons, Gretchen Ho and Hidilyn Diaz, their dishes show that healthy can be flavorful, too! They even save room for desserts that won’t hurt the diet such as a Mix Berry Panacotta or Banana Hazelnut Torte amongst many, many others.

Sofitel 3Wonderfully spicy Spring Chicken Tagine, made special for fitness icon Gretchen Ho

Sofitel 10Another hot dish of Thai Chicken Green Curry to satisfy all of Gretchen’s cravings 

Of course, dining in on Mother’s Day weekend will have you celebrating along with these athletic celebrities and their families, as well as giving the mothers a chance to win various raffle prizes and contests. Spoiling them with brunch, lunch, or dinner isn’t where it ends. Le Spa has an exclusive Mommy and Me package, and Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle has special offers and discounts prepared just for mom from May 7 to 14.

Sofitel 6The Rainbow Maki Roll prepared for Hidilyn Diaz

Sofitel 5This seemingly delicate dish of Confit Salmon Rillettes with Horseradish packs quite a punch of protein for Coach Chot Reyes’ diet

And Dad shouldn’t be left out of the festivities, either! Celebrate Father’s Day this June 16-18, 2017 with Le Spa’s Like Father Like Son massage therapy, Nail Artisan’s Fit for a King nail treatment, while Vietura’s King for a Week promo will be available from June 11-18, 2017.

Sofitel 8Hidilyn’s Toro Taku Maki Roll is an ode to her childhood, where fish was a staple

Sofitel 7Chicken Ginseng Soup — made to highlight the medicinal properties of ginseng 

The crown jewel of the Father’s Day weekend, however, would be Spiral’s Champ of the House celebration. Under the direction of Spiral’s new Executive Chef Nicholas Shadbolt, the Father’s Day menu is a vast offering as inspired by Sofitel’s partnership with Coach Vincent “Chot” Reyes. Priotizing health on the same level as flavor results in dishes like Grilled Beef Kalbi or Prime Ribs that definitely still taste like indulgence.

Sofitel 9This Braised Chicken with Black Mushrooms and Fresh Ginseng is perfect for Gretchen’s low-carb, high-protein diet 

Sofitel 4Grilled Beef Kalbi hearty enough for Coach Chot Reyes

No matter how old we get, or how independent we become, our parents never really stop taking care of us. In fact, most of the time they get so preoccupied with looking after us, they forget to look after themselves. This year, Sofitel’s celebration truly shines the light on them; they pamper our parents the way they deserve to be pampered every day of the year.

Sofitel 2Coach Chot Reyes’ special request of Beef Chop Prime Ribs 


  • Friday lunch: Php 2,650 nett for adults and Php 1,720 nett for children
  • Friday dinner: Php 3,550 nett for adults and Php 1,781 nett for children
  • Saturday lunch: Php 3,450 nett per adult and Php1,720 nett per child
  • Saturday dinner: Php 3,550 nett per adult and Php 1,781 nett per child
  • Sunday brunch: Php 4,655 nett for adults, and Php 1,965 for children
  • Sunday dinner: Php 3,350nett for adults and Php 1,781nett for children

For reservations you may contact +63 (02) 832 6988 or e-mail, or go to their website at


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