Guilt-free, low-carb, and sugar-free: South Cravings offers all these and more

While a lot of us hate to admit it, we’re all in a love-hate relationship with dessert. Sure, they’re tasty, sometimes decadent, and more often than not… indulgent. But a lot of them come with a price. That includes sugar, the extra calories, and the added pounds. And let’s not forget the guilt, too.

But not anymore. Thanks to South Cravings, you can now enjoy guilt-free desserts that actually taste good. Wow!

South Cravings 2

Established by Rhiza Anne Gallardo, South Cravings is both a passion project and a dream— and one born during the pandemic, too. Initially, Rhiza was employed as a flight attendant, but because of the pandemic, she has not flown for more than 5 months. With a lot of time on her hands while at home, she then shifted gears to pursue her hobby: a love for baking. And so, South Cravings was born.

South Cravings has since then set its base down at Paranaque— a prime spot for Southies to get their food fix. With its tagline “you crave, we deliver”, South Cravings aims to please with tons of homemade bread, cakes, and baked goodies to choose from.

And the best part? There are even guilt-free, low-carb, and sugar-free options included in its extensive menu! Along with guilty pleasure desserts, of course. Who says we can’t treat ourselves once in a while?

Goodies from South Cravings

For first-timers such as myself, you need to start out with the bestsellers from South Cravings. These include the Keto Loaf Bread, Chocolate Obsession Cake, and my favorite out of all three: the bite-sized Red Velvet crinkles.

South Cravings 1

Now before I wax poetic about this trifecta of baked treats, it’s important to note that guilt-free as they are, it’s important to enjoy them in moderation. Yes, it may be hard to stop, since they’re all yummy, but trust me, I’ve had it hard, too.

South Cravings 4

Keto Loaf Bread (PHP 400)

Fluffy, soft, and tasty— without the guilt, of course. This low-carb bread may be tinier than most loaves out there, but it’s a healthier alternative. Why? It’s gluten-free, sugar-free, and rich in fiber. And even so, it still has almost the same pillow-like texture as regular bread. While tasty even on its own, I toasted mine and enjoyed it with some butter and sugar. Yes, it’s a childhood favorite I revisit from time to time and never get tired of.

South Cravings 6

Chocolate Obsession Cake (PHP 700 / PHP 1,400)

Tin cakes may have been all the rage a year ago, but they’re making a return appearance, and for good reason, too. This Chocolate Obsession cake from South Cravings is made up of layers of chocolate cake and a creamy vanilla icing in the center— finished off with a rich chocolate ganache on top. Decadent and sweet, it’s a cake that I kept digging into, without realizing that it’s actually made to be guilt-free. Surprise, surprise!

I say it’s guilt-free because this cake is made with almond flour and unsweetened Malagos chocolate. And did we mention that it’s low-carb and sugar-free, too? I didn’t even notice it at first! It kind of reminds me of how moms hide veggies inside food without kids knowing, but South Cravings has outdone itself in this round. If anything, this showed me that ketogenic desserts that taste like the real deal exist (most have this strange aftertaste from the sweetener or an odd texture)— something that diabetics and health-conscious people can fully enjoy.

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

(Disclaimer: the cake may look different from the photos because I made the mistake of putting mine in the freezer. The chocolate ganache on top hardened into a shell, and some frost formed on top. Don’t worry, this didn’t affect the overall taste, though I enjoyed it in a somewhat different way from the usual.)

South Cravings 5

Red Velvet Crinkles with Cream Cheese Filling (PHP 230)

Unlike the other two guilt-free and low-carb desserts, these crinkles may cause a teensy bit of guilt when you eat them. But trust me when I say that these are worth it. Every. Calorie. A recurring food trend that has since then become a classic, these red velvet crinkles are bite-sized sandwiches with a cream cheese filling. Chocolatey, moist, and chewy all the same, these crinkle sandwiches come with sour-sweet cream cheese to offset the rich flavors. That mix of cream cheese and sugary sweetness is unlike most sugar-laden variants, and for me, a highlight in itself.

Aside from the Chocolate Cake, these crinkles are my favorite dessert from South Cravings. Not only is it moist and fudgy compared to other crinkle sandwiches I’ve had, but this one is small enough to fit in one bite. As someone who doesn’t like her food messy, this was a real treat.

How to Order

To get your guilt-free desserts delivered right at your doorstep, all you need to do is send them a message via Facebook, Instagram, or even through SMS. Send in your complete details— name, address, and contact details— along with your selection, and South Cravings will confirm both availability and payment method. Once that’s settled, you can expect your baked goods to be delivered via Lalamove at your expense.

And there you have it! Guilt-free desserts, quick and easy. Which craving are you looking to satisfy next?

South Cravings

Contact Number: 09177760602

Instagram: @southcravings

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/southcravingsph

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