Grind Your Own Coffee: 5 Manual Coffee Grinders for New Home Baristas

The lockdown has turned many of us into home baristas. Since we cannot go out to buy our usual cup of designer coffee before heading to work, many went ahead and tried learning how to brew our own coffee. Though instant coffee is the quickest way to have our usual day starter, freshly brewed coffee tastes different. And many of us choose to do our personal concoctions from bean to cup.

Sure, you can find many ground coffee at the grocery store and even online that are ready to brew with no effort or waiting. Why not just buy that? Well, it comes down to whether you want just an okay cup of coffee or the best cup of coffee you can brew.

To maximize your drink’s flavor, you need to grind your beans right. The flavor comes from the oils in roasted beans, and those oils need to be released evenly for the best-tasting coffee. It all starts with the right coffee grinder.

Here, we listed down coffee grinders that you can buy from Lazada.

5. Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

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This manual coffee bean grinder is simple, reliable, and effective. It is made of metal so you can be sure that it will last you a long time. Priced at P280 (original price is at P480) right now, it is one of the cheapest coffee grinders that you can buy online.

This device comes in two canisters that you assemble together. The top part is where the coffee beans are poured in. The bottom part is where the ground coffee comes out after the beans pass through the grinding blades. It has a small window so you can see how much coffee has already been ground. At the top, there is a crank that you manually rotate to freshly grind your beans.

The maximum capacity of this grinder is 30 grams—ideal for 2 to 3 people.

Buy this coffee grinder here.

4. Slique Coffee Grinder

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The Slique coffee bean grinder is made of premium materials such as stainless steel and ceramic, which allows it to give the ultimate coffee grinding experience. This grinder is versatile, easily adjustable, and convenient to control. Using it will give you good ground coffee that you can transform into any drink such as espresso, cold brew, pour-over, or any other coffee beverage.

This cordless and portable coffee grinder has a removable hand crank mechanism. It offers an adjustable control so you can grind beans properly depending on the brewing method that you will use.

Care and use of it are easy. Avoid grinding without coffee beans inside or it can damage the ceramic and the grinder. Dry it well before reassembling the parts especially for the bearing and ceramic burrs. Clean it regularly after each use and don’t use steel wool or abrasive products.

Buy this coffee grinder here.

3. All-in-One Portable Grinder and Travel Mug

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This bundle offers a portable coffee grinder, percolator brewer, and an insulated mug warmer coffee machine that is crafted from superior quality stainless steel to provide long-term strength and use. The compact modern design makes this the perfect coffee maker for a cup to keep on your countertop, whether in the kitchen, office, or any space you choose.

The coffee grinder has an adjustable tapered burr to achieve any desired grain size—from extra coarse to extra fine, and anywhere in between. You can crank it clockwise for fine grinding and counterclockwise for coarse grinding, which means that you can freely adjust the size of the coffee beans.

This is a travel-friendly package for when the world reopens. Due to its small size, portability, and the hand-held tapered burr grinder that is cordless, it means you can take it wherever you want. This compact cordless coffee grinder kit is 90% quieter than the electric coffee grinder, so you don’t have to worry about waking up or disturbing anyone when preparing your favorite drink.

Buy this coffee grinder here.

2. Noble Coffee Grinder

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Offers a vintage design, the Noble Coffee Grinder is perfect for the new yet classy home barista. Manual coffee grinding dates back to the first roasted coffee bean. It has since been a long-held tradition. In the past, cowboys of the Old West often smashed coffee beans with the butts of their guns before tossing the grounds into boiling water to make cowboy coffee.

Thankfully, modern manual coffee grinders albeit it looks old-school make it easy and fun for you to enjoy grinding as a choice, rather than a necessity. And without any weaponry.

Buy this coffee grinder here.

1. Retro Manual Coffee Grinder

affiliate lazada coffee grinders 5 retro

Focused on portability and ease of use, this retro coffee grinder is the ideal no-nonsense travel companion for coffee lovers. A minimalist marvel, it will handle everything from fine espresso to French press coarse grind.

Buy this coffee grinder here.

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