The Green Company: Now Open in Banawe, Quezon City

Health has become a major concern for a lot of people nowadays. With the fast growing rate of cancer deaths, living a healthy life should already become a conscious effort more than just merely going with the flow. And it is with great joy that we are announcing that just recently, The Green Company opened its second branch in Banawe, Quezon City, to cater to more organic loving consumers in the metro. 

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With the aim to not only improve the quality of life of their consumers, The Green Company hopes that with the organic products they provide, many more people will be able to live their lives fully and free of cancer and other diseases which are side effects of “the fast paced life.”
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Less than a year ago, The Green Company opened their first store in San Juan. It’s a family business that started due to their personal experience with cancer. Finding organic things in the metro is not as easy, just as groceries that promote organic products are rare. the green company now open in banawe quezon city-2

The Green Company offers organic vegetables, meat, spreads and other edible items. Since our food choices are a major contributor to our healthy lifestyle, we literally have to choose what we eat. While exercise and proper rest are necessary, eating well is also crucial.

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Kettle Chips would be one of my favorites among the products sold there. They are made from all organic potatoes, which means that there no GMOs in them. Plus, the seasoning is guaranteed to be MSG-free. I really think that this can replace Lays chips in my life. the green company now open in banawe quezon city-1

Organic detergents, moisturizer, shampoo, soap, insect repellant and other personal care products are also in store at The Green Company. Brands such as Trader Joe’s, Messy Bessy, G Stuff, Human Nature and other local and imported organic brands can be found in their shelves.

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The Honest Company, a brand established by Jessica Alba,  which sells personal care products for both babies and adults are also available in The Green Company (TGC). Quality organic products as such are unavailable in local groceries, therefore it is such a joy that TGC has them easily. These bath and body products are good not only for personal consumption, but also as gifts. the green company opens in banawe-4

This Honest Co. sunscreen lotion not only blocks the sun’s harmful rays on the skin; it also moisturizes the skin and is waterproof. Other than being organic, it is also really honest about its ingredients, unlike other sunscreen brands. The hand sanitizer and toothpaste, along with the sun screen lotion, are convenient and should be part of your essentials for travelling.

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Teas of different kinds and flavors and varieties are also in available on TGC’s shelves. Aside from all of the products being sold in the store, The Green Company also offers organic laundry services which are baby- and adult-friendly. Check out The Green Company and start living organic and healthy today!

The Green Company

Banawe Branch: 920 Banawe St. Brgy. Manresa, Quezon City

Contact No:(02) 351 2982

Instagram: @thegreencompany

FB: TheGreenCompanyOrganic


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