Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro: The Next Level of Videoke!

Just when you thought the Filipinos’ favorite bonding activity couldn’t get any better, the creators of WOW Videoke takes it to the next level with Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro. If you’ve recently been to a karaoke house, you probably already know how they’ve innovated by connecting the machine to an app. With Symphony 3 Pro, you can also enjoy this in the comfort of your very own home.

Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro1

All you have to do is download the GV Smart App available free from the App Store or Google Play. This is because you can connect your Symphony 3 Pro to the WiFi and your device. It even supports up to 4 users so you and your family and friends can all be in control.

Finding your favorite songs is now made easy, especially with the use of Voice Command+. The app also allows you to conveniently download new song volumes (if you still can’t choose from its 7900+ built-in licensed songs) and purchase song update codes to authenticate the volume.


While it also serves as a remote, the app makes the activity more interactive by letting everyone transfer messages or images to the screen. Now there’s something to do while waiting for someone to finish their song. The reign of Karaoke Kings and Queens doesn’t even stop there as you can screenshot your score and even record the entire song, download, and share instantly on social media!

GVS3P sc1

My sister’s favorite is being able to change the background to KPop or K-Drama! She’s amused to see her favorite artists and shows in Full HD resolution while singing her favorite songs.


Feeling competitive? Best to try Perfect Pitch! It’s somewhat like Guitar Hero, but using vocals. You can use it as a single player or gear up for an epic singing battle. Make sure you hit the right notes and by the end of each song, it displays a 4-point scoring system (Key/Rythm, Vibrato, Upband, and Downband) and keeps track of your scores. #CareerMode

Grand Videoke Perfect Pitch1

Although did I mention it comes with two wireless mics? You may also immerse yourself with lyric videos available in the Videoke machine and hear every detail with HD+ Audio.

GV Symphony 3 Pro

With the Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro in our home, I can already see my future singing career booming. Nah, just kidding! However, to those who are aspiring artists and serious about pursuing a career in singing, this is perfect for training.

My favorite thing about it is having to bond with my friends and family. From my 5yo nephew, my teenage sisters and my aunt who’s in her 60s, everyone definitely enjoyed it and seeing them like that is what made me the happiest.

Experience this in your homes and party like no other! Symphony 3 Pro is available in more than 500 Grand Videoke stores nationwide. For more details, you may visit www.grandvideoke.com