Grams Diner: Feel Good Comfort Food

When in Manila and craving for good ol’ comfort food, make your way to Gram’s Diner where you’re sure to indulge in hearty and feel good food that doesn’t strain your wallet.


Comfort food can be anything from chocolates to a tub of ice cream, in fact, the whole point of it is to bring you back to your childhood when the worries and stress of life were non-existent. In my case, when I’m stressed out, I tend to turn to milkshakes, burgers, french fries and basically anything that would scare away a health buff. So, you can only imagine how estatic I was when I came across Gram’s Diner! They may not serve the healthiest of dishes, but as you eat, you don’t bother counting calories because you’re too busy enjoying the food. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, their food is that good.

One of the things I love about Grams is their interior, let alone the vibe that the restaurant gives off. I don’t know how to say it, but when you walk in, you feel so comfortable you feel like you’re home. Although they do have the typical black and white checkered floor tiles, swiveling stools, and neon lights that diners have come to be associated with, I think that its the crowd and the staff that help give off the feel good vibe.

I went for brunch one Sunday morning and was served the following:

I Love Strawberries Authentic Milkshake (P160). A thick, delicious milk shake that makes use of our very own Arce Dairy Ice Cream.

Patriotic Breakfast (P190). A definite must- try and one of their best sellers, this dish has U.S. beef tapa, fried egg and garlic rice. I know it sounds simple, but when I took a bite, I was like, “Oh… My… Gosh…” I kept smiling and telling the servers in between bites how good the dish was! In fact, its so good that instead of keeping it solely a breakfast item, they’ve made it available the whole day.

Itsy Bitsy Burger Triplets (P210). Gram’s original burger mini-me’s served with fries.

Never Empty Home Brew (P70). Gram’s bottomless freshly brewed coffee. I love how they wrote a little note on my cup and was told that the notes tend to be personalized for their regular patrons. How sweet is that? By the way, it says, “Positive words creates happiness around you.”

After the meal, I felt like I was going to burst out of my pants, nevertheless, I was a happy girl. Grams Diner indeed lived up to its claim that they serve feel good comfort food. I look forward to coming back again!

So, when in Manila and craving for comfort food that’s delicious and budget- friendly, make your way to Grams Diner and eat your worries away!







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