GoTyme is Our Favorite Card for International Travel

Traveling is so easy nowadays… but it can still be a pain if you travel unprepared. That’s why it’s so important to have a debit card that matches your on-the-go energy.

Enter the GoTyme Bank Visa debit card, our favorite debit card for international travel. Yes, it’s debit, and yes, it offers the convenience of a credit card minus the usual hassles that come with one.

GoTyme Bank Visa debit card Paris

Photo from GoTyme Bank

In true GoTyme Bank tradition, the GoTyme Bank debit card was built with the consumer in mind, prioritizing convenience, benefits, and the overall user experience. This debit card allows you to get more out of your hard-earned budget through various unique advantages.

Advantages of the GoTyme Bank Visa Debit Card

Low foreign exchange rates

Compared to traditional banks, the GoTyme Bank Visa debit card offers one of the lowest foreign exchange conversion rates out there at just 1%, ensuring that you spend less on every purchase that you make abroad.

Free ATM withdrawals

Unlike traditional banks, withdrawing money at ATMs abroad is FREE with a GoTyme Bank Visa debit card.

Earn Points

A unique advantage of having a GoTyme Bank Visa debit card is that you get to earn Go Rewards points whenever you use it — yes, even abroad.

GoTyme Bank Visa debit card Rome

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On top of these benefits, GoTyme Bank Visa debit card users can also enjoy hassle-free transactions and exclusive perks.

Exclusive Perks of the GoTyme Bank Debit Card

Boosted Go Rewards Points from Cebu Pacific

For frequent Cebu Pacific flyers, you can earn up to 4% Go Rewards points back when you use your GoTyme Bank Visa debit card to book your Cebu Pacific flights.

Visa Promos

GoTyme Bank debit card users can also avail Visa debit card promos from merchant partners such as Agoda, Booking.com, and Hertz.

Limitless Spending

GoTyme Bank Visa debit cards do not have a spending cap so you can consume as much as you have in your account.

Tap-to-Pay Options

You can even use your GoTyme Bank debit card to pay for your public transportation needs such as trains, subways, and buses in select destinations, including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia.

GoTyme Bank Visa debit card London

Photo from GoTyme Bank

Available in 200+ Countries

No need to call your bank to activate your card before you travel either. The GoTyme Bank debit card stays ready for use whenever you need it.

Get a Bank Certificate or SOA with Ease

No need to line up at the bank to request a Bank Certificate for your visa application anymore. In just a few taps, you can easily get yours via the GoTyme Bank app for free!

GoTyme Bank Visa debit card KV

Planning your next adventure is easier and much more fun with a GoTyme Bank Visa debit card. Download the app via the App Store or Google Play to create your account and visit any GoTyme Bank kiosk to get your physical card. A friendly GoTyme Bank representative will be there to assist you. Follow @gotymebank on social media for the latest news and promos.