Google Translate Filipino to English: 5 Katangahans you should not posting to Facebook

Google Translate Filipino to English: Here’s the Cluster-Fudge We Got:

5 Katangahans you should not posting to Facebook 


One of our friends has a blog in Tagalog / Filipino, and we thought it was pretty funny, so we asked if we could translate it to English and post it on our site. He of course agreed and we started to work on it.

Upon loading the page which is in Filipino, Google will automatically ask if you want it translated to English.

Not being one to turn down free help, we said, SURE! Below is the cluster-fudge of  a translation that we got. I guess it’s safe to say that Google translate for Filipino is not quite ready yet.

Talk about Carabao-English! 

Google Translate Filipino to English Heres the Cluster-Fudge We Got

5 Katangahans you should not posting to Facebook


The size of facebook to help youth pinas. You do not level for long Reproduce cellphone load a level for you to ask someone you know. More can be identified (that once you repent-repent nalang shovel would not recognize him) and the most advanced technology to spread the stupidity of an individual.

After all Facebook is a social networking site. Just normal people to socialize with your facebook account. Breather but she breather to share things on facebook. Especially if you’re aware Shu-Shunga Shunga you sometimes. This is a list of things you should  not post on your Facebook account.


1. Love you to the number you popost Facebook.

– More nagpopost the number I have seen them on facebook. Then they have to say “here my number please angshunga-0921-3145. Test me : )) I’m No snob, let it please you

I Surang sura those who shall minister of their number on facebook. Then a few hours later they magpopost number to try posting them ganto:

“Whose number is this pong? “0912XXX1411. Die please. Very rude, ill-mannered. Perhaps you do not parent”

Fault that. Did you post the number to 90% with the chance to text you a

“Hi, please Kant*tan : )”

“You who claims Virgin?”

“What are you ex Yung Mang Kanor”

“Not who claims Virgin Yung left hole in the nose”

“Obsolete planking. Dapa Padin you dede”

“Mom you have poser account. Naks famous”

“Damn you to everybody brings the number to Facebook Yung seem slapped you in the face cellphone”

So number one on the list, do not post the number to. Besides no pake enjoy, the more you want the cheap for eating my lunch that you do not really feel they pake.


2. Do not post to a personal problem with Facebook

– Here’s one more I dislike the most. Particularly those with family problems. Seriously, in 2000 friends in facebook’s no –one there pake do with the pope lumalandi you. 

“I saw you have family, you have lalandiin. Delhi also you eh” – Posted by dam

Bullying sexual activities. Family problem ie. Then the comment did you turn “Surely if the pope really faithful need not also be issued that”


Rowdy! Want to whip income padlock. Do you post if you have not intervene.


3. Do not leave kabastos post rude Pictures / Videos and tell people “No Bad Comments”

– One thing no sense that I see on facebook. Especially those gimmie gimmie videos. Having thoroughly pagpag and they papatalbugin yung bottom front of the camera they say done “Please, No bad comments”

WAT? Any comment we ico jan? PRAYERS? You Yung shaken shaking like a top. Probably the people magcocoment “You Relish, sometimes stalking Meet”

Or depending nalang if Yung face looks too shaken to bottom. We do not everbad comments. To the one we rerequest more videos. Public apology turn.


4. Do not fight niyo Post to JOWA

– Seryoso, we have pake if you LQ because he remembered that three weeks have to be turned on today.


5. Do PDA to Facebook

– Especially if you’re Shrek couples. Seriously, we do not see a picture kaylangang niyo together if maybe Kiss everyday. If you think being niyo to “Cute” because every day you could kiss the camera and proud you together forever. Pwes, not cute. Five to ten sexual activities income Kissing Pics niyo was swearing and those other five are Google’s tribe does: “How to mumukhang accident the dead do the ugly couple that to”


And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the beauty of Google Translate for Filipino to English! Without looking at the original article, what can you make out of this? What do you think the article is about?


Original article: 5 katangahans na hindi mo dapat pinopost sa Facebook

Our translated version:

Google Translate Filipino to English: Here’s the Cluster-Fudge We Got

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