Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers, A Gangsta Restaurant in Q.C.

When in Manila and craving for some premium beef with other unique dishes, head on to Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers along Kamuning Quezon City now!


I’m a huge fan of anything beef! I love beef… especially steaks! So as soon as I heard about Goodfellas, I didn’t need to think twice on the opportunity to try out some of their best dishes.

Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers AMBIANCE

Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers has been around for roughly 3 years! It sucks that I just discovered the place today! The restaurant is located at the corner of Gener Street and is really easy to spot. It’s really simple but before entering the actual place, partygoers and friends on gimiks can hang out by their outdoor pub type bar. The bar is located on the balcony and was placed there for those looking for a good time drinking. There’s no music so you can still enjoy a decent conversation while enjoying a glass of beer or other alcoholic beverages of your choice.


The place isn’t that big but it looks all gangster in a subtle kind of way. (Am I making sense?) The mood of the restaurant definitely tied into a Mafioso ambiance; the feeling of gangsterness and Italian organized crime was almost palpable in the air. Moreover, the place has it’s own mini-function room perfect for small get-togethers and meetings. We certainly had a great time chilling and bonding here! Thanks ANNESY and Sir John!


Now for my favorite part… the FOOD!


First up is the Margherita Burger. This is a 100 grammer charbroiled burger with roasted tomato,mozzarella,basil and cheese sauce and  is a must try for all burger lovers out there!! MMmmm…. Yum! I’ve had tons and tons of burgers in my lifetime but nothing quite like Goodfellas’ Margherita Burger!! Imagine the typical (but really big) burger with melted cheese and all…but instead of the usual ketchup-mayo and lettuce, the Margherita Burger’s special ingredient is PESTO!! Oddly enough, this combination made the Margherita Burger a must try! It was really really good! This was one of my favorites!

Margherita Burger goes for p230 (solo) and p285(combo) with fries or potato chips & drink (add p20 if onion rings)

Another burger served that night was the WiseGuy Burger. It’s is a 200 grammer honey cured bacon cheese burger! The bacon was really crisp and the meat was really juicy just like it should be!

WiseGuy Burger is p335 (solo) ,  p375(combo) served with fries or potato chips & drink (add p20 if onion rings)

If you’re not a burger person, then maybe the Pat & Geno’s Sandwich is more your thing! This sandwich is based on the famous Philadelphia Angus cheese steak sandwich and it was sooooo good! When I have any beef steak sandwich, I often notice how little beef is put there but in this case, the beef was overflowing! It’s worth every penny!

Pat and Geno’s Sandwich is p245 (solo) , P325 (combo) served with fries or potato chips & drink (add p20 if onion rings)


Dinner at a steak and burger restaurant like Goodfellas wouldn’t be complete without a taste of their own steak right? The House Steak (US CAB House Steak) was tender and juicy, and was cooked to perfection! The size was just right too, it wasn’t like other restaurants where you think you’re getting your money’s worth when in fact the steak is cut really thin. You’d be surprised how thick the steak is! More please…

House Steak at P295 4-6oz and  P495 8-10oz

Next up, we got to try the Flamingo Wings. Flamingo Wings are what Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers calls their Buffalo Wings. Honestly, I’m not a fan of Buffalo wings. Somehow I often feel the taste is too sweet for me and I just end up wanting to eat regular chicken. Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers however made me change my mind and certainly got me craving for more Flamingo wings and Buffalo wings! The wings weren’t too “tangy” but rather good for my taste.

Flamingo Wings, P220 solo  and P395 to share

Next up, Gotti’s cheese is basically mozzarella sticks served with tomato salsa dip. Simply put, they’re cheese sticks! So why would I be writing a review about cheese sticks? Well, after you’ve had some of Goodfellas’ cheese sticks, I’m sure you would too! Unlike the regular cheese stick wrapped in thick paper, this one actually had thick cheese!  You could taste every bit of the cheese melt away in your mouth!

Gotti’s Cheese for P365 to share

Craving for some salpicao? Don’t forget to order some Bonnie & Clyde! Bonnie and Clyde is beef and shrimp salpicao served with rice. What I loved about it though is how the shrimp tasted almost beefy on the outside but still very fresh and “shrimpy” on the inside!


Bonnie and Clyde at P325

What about some Bambino Ribs? Normally I’m not a fan of Babyback ribs because of the sweet sauce used, but I really liked how they prepared the meat! I had to keep coming back for more!

Bambino Ribs priced at P585 for a half rack and P385 for a quarter

We also got to try Goodfellas’ Frutti de Mare. This is basically seafood marinara served with bread sticks. It was the typical marinara except that I could still taste the individual flavors of shrimp, mussel, etc. amidst the overall marinara flavoring! I really enjoyed how the different flavors tickled my taste buds with every spoonful!

Frutti de Mara is P325 for sharing and P175 solo          

Next up, we were served 2 dessert dishes, the Decadent cake (p165) and the Toblerone cheesecake (p190). I personally LOVED the Decadent Cake! Check out all that chocolatey goodness dripping down! Mmm…. I can still taste it! 


These are just some of the delicious, mouth-watering food served at Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers! You guys should definitely visit and check it out!

Elijah and I enjoying our meals!!! Can’t wait to go back and have more Margherita Burgers!

Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers PROMOS!!

  • Mojito Mondays buy 1 take 1=p120
  • Margarita Wednesday buy 1 take 1=p120
  • Tequila night buy1 take 1 all night every saturday p75
  • Buy 1 Take 1 daily Freeze Point Beer p55 (2-8pm)
  • Get 10% off with FOURSQUARE: Wanna get a 10% discount on your total bill? Just check-in to foursquare and leave a tip at GoodFellas Steaks and Burgers Official

Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers

Business Hours: Sunday to Thursday 11am-12mn

Fridays and Saturdays: 11am – 2am

56 T. Gener corner K-1st, Kamuning
Quezon City, Metro Manila

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