GOOD & BAD NEWS: Rescuer Reveals the Fate of the Poor Cubao Dogs

Remember the Cubao dog who was getting weaker but her buddy would not leave her side? We shared their story three weeks ago. The reporter had called out for help getting these dogs to a vet.

This is the story: HELP: This Cubao Dog is Getting Weaker But His Buddy Will Not Leave His Side

So here’s an update. We’ll start with the good news first.


Tandem Brown has been rescued and renamed Sugar. He has been vaccinated, neutered, and his wounds treated. Leny Mauricio, the reporter, saw that a neighbor was kicking Sugar and bravely stood in the way. She protected him long enough for the other volunteers from Reach Out for Animal Rights (ROAR) to get Sugar and rush him to the vet.

Sugar, the loyal Cubao dog , is now rescued

Leny will foster Sugar as he gets back his strength, then she will bring him to her sister’s home in Tarlac. She said she will try to visit him every month.

Napamahal na siya sa akin. Matagal ko siyang pinapakain. He is very sweet. Kapag dumadating ako, sinasalubong niya ako. Inaabot niya kamay niya, that’s why inaway ko talaga ang sumipa sa kanya.

(translation) I have grown to love him. I have been feeding him for a while. He is very sweet. When I get home, he welcomes me and reaches out his paw to me. This is why I fiercely protected him when our neighbor kicked him.

Sugar, the loyal Cubao dog , is now rescued

Sugar, the loyal Cubao dog, now has a home

Now we must get to the bad news. Brace yourself.

Tandem White, the shy dog who Leny was more concerned about initially, has died.  She found her lying lifeless on the street. According to Leny’s neighbors, White was frothing at the mouth before she died…

Did your heart just break? Ours did when we heard this news.

Let us pray that, someday soon, no more pups will die a cruel death like she did.

Sugar, the loyal Cubao dog, now has a home

Look at Sugar’s latest photo! He looks so much healthier now.

For now, let’s continue to help Sugar. His vet treatment cost a lot of money and the much of the bills is not yet paid. Let’s not shrug this off, please. Our brave animal rescuers cannot continue their incredible work if they are drowning in debt.

Helping the helpless and voiceless requires teamwork, after all.

You may donate any amount through the following:

BPI Savings
Regie Manio
8069 1092 93

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