Gold’s Gym Group Exercises Helps You Get Fit in the Most Fun Ways!


Gold’s Gym Group Exercises Helps You Get Fit in the Most Fun Ways!

When in Manila, kick your work out routine up a notch and join the fun with the Gold’s Gym Gold’s Group Exercise! Gold’s Gym understands us girls’ need to switch things up a bit from time to time, especially with regards to our workout routines. While most gym buffs work towards a leaner bulkier physique, we prefer fun and alternative ways to lose weight without realizing we’re breaking a sweat. This is where the Gold’s Gym selection of energizing and engaging group work out sessions come in.


Gold’s Gym offers an assortment of group exercises for whatever type of workout you fancy at the moment. Get a kick out of bum-busting exercises like the Gold’s Gym Street Dance set, which promises to increase stamina, improve flexibility and even boost your confidence while popping, locking and krumping to Hiphop dance tunes in this highly improvised yet effective work out. You can also give those limbs a good stretch and find your center with the invigorating Hatha Yoga, Yogalates and Pilates Plus classes offered by Gold’s Gym Makati. Such exercises are known to greatly decrease stress levels, improve one’s concentration and sense of mindfulness, and visibly burn fat!


For a quality rigorous workout that delivers a good adrenaline rush, Gold’s Gym also has Spinning classes – this involves riding on a stationary bicycle at varied intensities. Like a great intensive bike ride, this group exercise can help build muscle tone around the buttocks and thighs and increase cardiovascular endurance. And as Spinning classes are less likey to apply pressure on the knees and joints than most aerobic exercises, this low impact workout is highly recommended for people with arthritis.



One of the most popular group exercises of Gold’s Gym are their Zumba classes that are offered almost every day of the week. Zumba classes are more of a free-style dance session than a technical aerocbics class, yet offers health and fitness benefits which are just as similar.

This workout features a lively fusion of Latin dance styles such as Salsa, Merengue and Flamenco to make for an energizing and exhilarating session that will leave a lot of room for improvisation, so you’re never stuck with a single boring routine.


With so many group exercises available at Gold’s Gym Makati, you’re practically spoiled for choice! So why not begin your newest venture to fitness with one (or all!

) of Gold’s Gym’s Gold’s Group Exercises, where you are sure to get all the benefits of a fit and active lifestyle plus heaps more.

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Gold’s Gym Group Exercises Helps You Get Fit in the Most Fun Ways!