Going Straight x Nouvelle: 3 Reasons Why I Think I’ve Found “The One” for my Hair

Please note that this post is based on my experience, but I’m hoping that if you’re still in that constant dilemma of choosing “the one” for your hair, this might give you an enlightenment of sorts.


So okay, let’s start! I got to experience Going Straight’s services first hand at the salon’s The Mane event. They introduced Nouvelle’s Lively Hair Coloring Technology and here’s a 3-bullet summary of the entire thing. Please note that I entered the salon in a constant love-hate relationship with my hairstyle (gone-bad) which happened around two months ago. And as someone who once played around with hair color a lot, I’m starting to find black a little…dull. So thank you, Going Straight, for spicing everything up for me!


My Top 3 Reasons Why I Think I Found “The One” For My Hair at Going Straight Salon


3. Hair care at its finest.


I wanted something playful. I wanted something that minimizes the plain color of my hair but, at the same time, I didn’t want it to be too overwhelming. I showed the stylists (Noli Estrella of the Greenbelt 1 branch and Joseph Afable of the SM Bacoor branch) the peg I wanted which was a short ombre for bob cut hair. In order to achieve that for my black hair, lots of hair processes were required. My hair was bleached twice and colored twice! With the wrong stuff, that could have easily damaged my hair. Thankfully, they used Eslabondexx along with the bleaching and coloring which sort of serves as the hair treatment altogether. It prevented the intense drying of the hair and the definite breakage because of all those chemicals. Also, they used Nouvelle’s Lively hair color technology from France. If you have a sensitive scalp or if your hair strands are fine and easily breakable (like mine), this is highly recommended for you because it does not include ammonia and parabens which contributes a lot to hair breakage. Also, Lively has a gentle formula making use of natural ingredients. Don’t let this fool you, though! You’d still get a vibrant and long-lasting hair color after your session.


2. The salon’s friendly staff.


I cannot even begin to explain how lovely and joyful these people are. My session took some time but it didn’t feel dull at all because the staff had been very accommodating and friendly. Once in a while, they’d talk to me and we’d chit-chat a little bit just to take the boring vibes away. Unobtrusive yet extremely welcoming, the staff at Going Straight Salon will surely be your friends eventually especially if you’d end up being a regular customer. I think I will.


1. Service with a heart.

Going Straight x Nouvelle

Please bear with me, I’d like to say a lot of things about this. If there’s one thing that Going Straight Salon made me realize is that what you want to happen to your hair, regardless of its state of it prior to your session, can be done. I’d like to emphasize a lot on this one because I’ve always experienced others turning down my request because of various reasons, most of which had something to do with my hair’s current state or color. Here, prior to the event, my hair was dry and black. I wanted something that was blonde-ish and playful and here it is. The finished product care of Noli Estrella and Joseph Afable. They did it. They actually did it! The other stylists even commended their work on my hair. Over on Twitter and Facebook, my friends had been asking me about where I got the work done.

What I appreciate a lot about Going Straight Salon’s service is that they’d let you explain what you want. Then, if it can’t be done or they think something else would suit you better, they won’t go to extremes of turning down your original desire. Instead, they’ll meet you half way or do some magic to give you exactly the style you’re aiming for. If that isn’t personal service, I don’t know what is. I’m pretty sure I’d end up continuously having my hair done at Going Straight Salon after this.

Do you have similar stories to share? What’s your favorite thing to do with your hair? Tell us about it!


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