GOGOFlash: Portable LED Flash for Your Selfie!

GOGOFlash: Portable LED Flash for Your Selfie!


Light is the essential ingredient to come up with a good photo.  Whether you are taking food photos, landscape photos, a group photo or even a simple selfie; the more light, the better the outcome of the photo. This is also the reason why we use flash mode in low-lit rooms or at night. Sometimes, though, built-in flash is not enough and it can get really frustrating! 

Well, that was before….

Now, thanks to the bright idea of GOGOflash, there won’t be room for grainy or dark photos anymore!  


What’s in the GOGOflash box?

If you are wondering what’s inside that tiny box up there… here it is!

For only P699.00… You can get a GOGOflash box, which includes a portable external LED flash, a USB cable for charging, a holder so that you can hang it on your mobile phone or bag, and a detachable plug used to attach the flash to your mobile phone. 

To charge the GOGOflash, just plug it into your computer and the red light will light up to let you know that it’s already charging.


As easy as 1, 2, 3… you can attach your new selfie BFF to your mobile phone and start taking better photos! 


As for me, I love taking selfies. GOGOflash really helps a lot, especially when I take selfies at night and during low-light occasions. It would be even better if it had a control for the amount of light, though, like the low, medium and high buttons. 

GOGOflashBut first, let me take a #selfie! 🙂

GOGOflashJust a tip, if you will use it for selfies, you can place a white paper or tissue to lessen the amount of light. 🙂

When using the back camera of your phone, here’s what Gogoflash can do!


I also bring my GOGOflash with me to take food shots since it brings out the natural color of the food and enhances it, as well.  

GOGOflashReady, set, shoot!

GOGOflashSo here’s the food shot i took in one of our food features using my mobile phone and the Gogo flash.

Aside from being your night selfie BFF and food photo enhancer, GOGOflash can also be used as a flashlight. Since it is portable, you can easily insert it in your pocket or bag and just bring it out when the need arises. Fancy, isn’t it?

Soooooo, for limitless possibilities in creating better photos, check out GOGOFlash! For more selfie accessories, check out this article: Gadgets Manila: The Latest Gadgets to Capture the Perfect Selfie!

**GOGOflash can be bought at GogoGoodies. 




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GOGOFlash: Portable LED Flash for Your Selfie!


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