Go Shopping Philippines Brings Digital Malling to a Higher Level of Quality and Style

Do you miss pre-pandemic shopping? Well, you can experience that kind of delight again with the help of Go Shopping Philippines (GSP). They are bringing digital malling to a higher level of quality and lifestyle.

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Just because digital life is now obligatory, that doesn’t mean it cannot be thrilling or endearing. While wishing for better online services, entrepreneur Neil G. La-as dreamt of the GSP Mall. He imagined a satisfying experience of getting the quality he believes he pays for from the Internet. His dream is of an online malling venue that is not only nearly complete in supplying what one needs; it is one that gives ultimate safety and protection for his money.

“The competition excites me personally because despite all the odds, despite all the existing players in the e-commerce industry, I still see the need for a much bigger platform that is responsive to the interest of the market for a more sophisticated digital lifestyle,” Neil shares. “Existing online shops lack the understanding of the very essence of why people go for online shopping; and that is convenience and protection. We do not have the true ease of use and trust for online shops in the market yet… With Go Shopping Philippines, that is the heart of why we exist. We will make it easy for you and we will protect you.”

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Neil went through this frustration during his own online shopping experiences. That’s why Neil, a streetsmart, self-initiated businessman from humble beginnings, promised to address this once his own GSP Mall starts rolling.

Yes, the mall is about to open. While in its birth, its utmost concern is fighting against the ”fakes” and many merchants are still undergoing rigid scrutiny; thus, not all of the many applicants have been onboarded yet. However, it will not take long for many more brands to ride in the GSP well-intentioned bandwagon – that it will become the virtual mall that it is meant to be.

Never again should an online buyer order for something he hasn’t seen exactly and wait in high expectation only to be frustrated. Never again should hard-working online customers spend their money for fake, low-quality products. Never again will shoppers pay exorbitant costs for food or basic commodities only because we have a pandemic. Soon the shops will be aplenty and the products of good quality – from consumer goods, food and beverage, fresh produce, apparels, fashion accessories, jewelry, and supermarket goods, department store items– furniture, appliances, and home furnishings, to essential services such as medical, dental, and veterinary services, architectural and interior design, carpentry, and upholstery services, sewing and embroidery, travel booking facility, and many more, GSP will have them all in the “Mall”.

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A really exciting experience also awaits GSP Mall users with its complete entertainment application systems including GFlix, Go Live, Go Cineplex, and Go TV.

GFlix offers on-demand local and international movies for viewing via a mobile phone.

Go Live, on the other hand, is a live streaming platform for conferences, trade exhibitions, and events.

GO Cineplex is a 3D virtual cinema that has multiple halls, a secured online ticketing system, and a high-quality audio and video setup. It hopes to enable feelings of warmth among people who commonly watch theater shows and live presentations. Fashion shows and sports activities can now all be viewed at the flick of a finger.

With the first mega digital mall in the Philippines will be its own GoTV. It will be airing to entertain users any hour of the day, or night. It will air select television programs accessible anywhere through your own mobile phone.

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A fast, safe, and secure, and easy payment system should be a given in a digital mall where technical hurdles should be a thing of the past. As such, GSP has partnered with fintech (financial technology) companies (like GCash, PayMaya), banks, online payment systems to give its users the convenience and safety of payment from the comfort of their homes.

The Philippines’ first mega digital mall will have its own trade hall for micro small medium enterprises (MSME), as well. That not only gives small merchants the chance to step up to the global supply chain, but will give every GSP Mall user the chance to access goods from small producers from all over the Philippines. This way, you can get your favorite pasalubong with ease – may it be durian candy from Davao, mango-tamarind of Cebu, pili tarts from Bicol, or Arabica coffee from Bukidnon.

What are you waiting for? Check out Go Shopping Philippines today!

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