Glamping by Lifestyle PH: Camping Made Chic and Stylish Sans the Fuss

Glamping, also known as luxury camping or glamorous camping, is one of the most stylish ways to enjoy the outdoors. After their first successful beach glamping event this year at the Summer Siren Festival in Zambales, Lifestyle Network has done it again. This time, glampers get to relax and unwind in the breezy terrains of Tagaytay City within the luxurious compound of Nurture Wellness Village.

“Glamping by Lifestyle: Pitch 2” is a project of Lifestyle, the premiere cable channel and must-go lifestyle hub of modern and young Filipinos, in partnership with Flow Retreats and Coleman.

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What’s a better way to milk a long weekend in November of all its worth than going camping with the luxurious amenities of a hotel, resort, and spa? Needless to say Lifestyle’s glamping trip was a massive success and a weekend nature trip worth remembering. A three-day glamping escape from life and out into the outdoors is an amazing way to detox and de-stress.

Glampers were treated to the full luxury suite of Nurture Wellness Village Tagaytay, along with sumptuous and healthy full-board buffet meals, yoga sessions, mandala workshops, massage spa treatments, and acoustic sessions. It’s the ultimate luxe-camper life with butler service, to boot!

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Nurture Wellness Village’s dining area is fit for a luxe getaway and dreamy occasions like weddings and debuts.

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Upon arriving at the venue, glampers had a delicious buffet lunch. Although Glamping Pitch 2 by Lifestyle was a mind and body wellness event, buffet options were always filling, delicious, and well enjoyed by guests without the guilt.

There were three glamping sites for the event.

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Villas and hotel rooms were also available for Nurture Wellness Village guests.

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Here’s what the glamping tent looks like:

Glamping by Lifestyle 38

Each tent had two separate airbeds complete with pillows and beddings. A camping light from Coleman hung from the tent’s ceiling. Tents are secured with a padlock and key which guests keep on their person throughout the event. A dozen freebies from Glamping Pitch 2’s generous sponsors were also given to glampers.

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For the first day of the glamping trip, guests were made to choose from different spa services to enjoy, which include a full-body massage (for me!), foot reflexology, facials, among others. It was the perfect way to kickstart this weekend.

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After all the glampers enjoyed their spa services, it was time for dinner and then a few movies after.

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Glampers watched the coming-of-age flick, The Spectacular Now, and romantic comedy, 5 to 7. The movie night set-up felt like a slumber party.

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