Giveaway ALERT!!! Premium Home-Baked Dessert Creations From Blue Toque

It’s often a surprising struggle to find the perfect gift for your long-time best friend, family members or your special hubby especially on their birthdays. I think we can all agree with that, right? Though, malls have many offerings, why not go beyond the norm and give them something sweet and personalized–maybe a decadent treat that they’ll appreciate and love?

Well… when searching for that gift, why not check out Blue Toque’s home-baked desserts?

The Blue Toque 10

Blue Toque offers premium home-baked quality desserts with a professional touch. Owner, Mary Anne Ramos, admits it was a hobby that turned into her passion. Her love of baking all started in her high school days where she recalls baking almost every week. She shared her creations with her family and friends who served as her critics.

After years of baking experience, she has now perfected her recipes and shares them not only to her loved ones but also for customers to enjoy. Her products have already been featured in several food magazines and have even won a number of awards. It just goes to show that her passion for baking has also become a successful business venture.

They have a lot of great desserts to be proud of including their Belgian MIYM (Melt-in-Your-Mouth) Chocolate Cake that I got to taste in the last Belly-Sima Food Fair, and The Ultimate, a gourmet chocolate mousse, which has outstanding reviews and 5-star recommendations.

Blue Toque when in manila mae ilagan frank ruaya (3 of 7)

Check out our feature of “The Ultimate” here: Blue Toque’s ULTIMATE Gourmet Chocolate Mousse: Love at First Bite!!!

As of the moment, they’re still planning on building a physical store/cafe. So in the meantime, you can find them in food bazaars and other foodie events or you can visit them in their social media accounts and contact them personally.

The Blue Toque 02Nutella Mousse Cake 8″ (P 1,150)

Miss Anne gave us some of their products for us to review here in When in Manila and first on our list was their Nutella Mousse Cake, a two-layered mousse cake consisting of a chocolate cake base, whipped chocolate mousse and topped off with Nutella. Every bite was oh so sinful and I found it hard to put the fork down.

Compared to other mousse cakes, it’s more of a cake than a chocolate mousse, but still this is something that I would definitely crave. The cake is moist, and the mousse, creamy with generous amount of Nutella, is what really brought out this dessert for me. The Nutella topping gave the whole cake an irresistible chocolatey and nutty aroma.

The Blue Toque 11

The Blue Toque 12It’s here on the plate so… might as well eat it. 😀

To ensure you’re getting your money’s worth, they use only all-natural and premium ingredients with no added preservatives.

This delicate dessert, however, doesn’t last long in room temperature as it has the tendency to melt. The texture slightly degrades after 3 days, so they recommend it to be consumed fresh. The cake did last in our refrigerator for about 5 days. I didn’t notice much significant change.

The Blue Toque 05Giant Belgian Cookie (with personalized design) (P450+, price varies on design)

This really surprised me after Ms. Anne opened the box. Their Giant Belgian Cookie promises not only size, but taste too. I love the moderately soft, non-crumbly, chewy texture. And the taste didn’t disappoint, as well. They incorporated a lot of chocolates that made me take more than a few bites.

The Blue Toque 04As you can see from the photo, it’s a When in Manila cookie! Oh yeah!

I’m definitely impressed by their work on our logo using milk and white chocolate. Pretty neat! Give your cookies a personal touch by adding customized designs. You can have any design you want and they can use different decorations depending on the design.



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