Blue Toque’s ULTIMATE Gourmet Chocolate Mousse: Love at First Bite!!!



 Blue Toque’s ULTIMATE Gourmet Chocolate Mousse




I would have to confess, I am not a big fan of chocolate cakes! Yeah! For the longest time, with all the restaurants which we have featured, there was never really a particular chocolate cake which made a mark in my head. It was not until I went to this food tasting event a few weeks ago called Foodgasm when I finally met my match!  I never imagined that there would come a day where I would actually write a special feature about this.. believe me, I’m also surprised!



I’d like to introduce to you “The Ultimate” Gourmet Chocolate Mousse made by  the Blue Toque!

– What makes  it so special would be the unique blend of exquisite flavors and textures all playing like a symphony inside your mouth…. yea, that’s how I would describe it! =)

I can still remember that feeling when I first had a sample during the Foodgasm event. The temperature was perfect!  The texture quite creamy with that right amount of  crunch. Reminded me a lot about Ferrero!  It was love at first bite! Definitely stood out from the rest… and the funny thing was that…. I didn’t really like chocolate cake! OMG! I was converted into an instant fan! No wonder they were the big winners that day! It was pretty obvious really!



The Ultimate Choco Mousse Cake for the Ultimate Food blogger: I finally met my match!




It’s soooo addicting I had to contact them the next day!  I checked their fb page and read some blog reviews about them and found out that this cake is a real CHAMP so I said to myself, “I HAVE TO FEATURE THIS on WHENINMANILA!! Hindi pwedeng hinde!!!”







 The Blue Toque also has a lot of products aside from their award winning “The Ultimate.” They also got yummy classic cookies such as their Chocolate Chunk, Nutella Cookies as well as Cream Cheese Brownies that are also equally irresistible!







 I definitely had so much fun in taking photos of these heavenly treats! After the shoot, they were gone in just a few minutes (I didn’t share! bwahahahaha)!



Blue Toque‘s “The Ultimate” is destined for greatness! I’m pretty sure of it!  All the others should really watch out for this. I bet it’ll win more and more awards!


To the guys behind The Blue Toque, I have nothing but praises for you! Your cake just  blew me away! Definitely in my list of the chosen few chocolate cakes which I’d recommend!



And as for you dear reader, you really got to try this when in Manila!





The Blue Toque

hand crafted desserts








Blue Toque’s ULTIMATE Gourmet Chocolate Mousse: The Cake of all Cakes!!!

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