Gilmore Cat Cafe: All Paws and More Play for Cat Lovers

Gilmore Cat Cafe’s Bestsellers


Special Roast Beef sandwich | Php 340



Spicy Penne | Php 160


Macaroni | Php 150


Chicken Cream Pesto Spaghetti | Php 175


Mixed Berry and Strawberry shakes | Php 135 each


Double Chocolate and Blueberry muffins


Vanilla ice cream with Kit Kat bars and peach chunks, a special treat from the cafe

Overall, Gilmore Cat Cafe’s dishes were simple but filling. Our favorite would definitely have to be the macaroni pasta and the double chocolate muffin. The vanilla ice cream treat from the cafe was also a sweet way to end our meal.


The cafe sells accessories and little dolls. They also have Gilmore Cat Cafe merchandise.


Unfortunately, these cute dolls aren’t for sale. Only for picture taking. Would be nice if the cafe owners sold them though!



Our experience at Gilmore Cat Cafe was generally pleasant. Ali, the cafe’s owner, says that people come in for the cats more than they come in for food. I’d recommend dropping by mid-morning or early afternoon. After the cats’ meal times, they will want to rest or take a cat nap and will not want to be played with.

Upon entering the cafe, the scent kind be quite overpowering but you’ll become immune to it within a matter of minutes. Still, mild air fragrances couldn’t hurt.

There’s no need to reserve and guests can stay as long as they like within the operating hours. Flexible maintenance is done at random times and takes 15 to 20 minutes.

Entrance Rates:

Regular – Php 300 (worth Php 150 consumable)

Senior Citizen – Php 250 (worth Php 150 consumable)

Kids below (10) years old: Php 100  (no consumables)

Students with valid I.D. – Php 200 (worth Php 100 consumable)


“If we eatz, you sitz.”


Gilmore Cat Cafe

(02) 904 0041 / +63917 773 9588
6 Xavier Hills Condominium, Granada Street, Valencia, Quezon City

Monday – Thursday
12:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Friday – Sunday
12:00 PM – 12:00 AM