Getting a new pet? Here are 10 things you’ll need for them!

Getting a new pet is an exciting journey for anyone who’s never had one before. It’s fun but also a responsibility and you need certain essentials when it comes to caring for them. You can’t just leave them be and expect them to care for themselves! Luckily, Shopee has the perfect selection of pet essentials.

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10. Frontline Plus Spot On for Dog & Cat Flea Removal

Does your furry friend suffer from fleas? Here’s the thing to get rid of them. Each box is for pets of different weights and sizes so be sure to choose the right one! It’s also waterproof so it’s perfect for little pets who love to swim!
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9. Leak-proof training pads.

Potty training can be a real pain especially when you’re just starting out. Protect those floors and carpets with these training pads for your new pet! They’re leak-proof so you don’t have to worry about any mess.
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8. Toothpaste for cats

For your cat’s dental hygiene, this is the toothpaste to get. It’s even milk-flavored which your cat will love! Just be gentle when cleaning their teeth, especially for the first time, as they might not be used to the new tool and all.
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7. Large leak-proof training pads (for big furiends!)

For those bigger doggos, you’ll definitely need bigger training pads. The earlier entry is for your little friends, but this one is for the big bois and girls. Protect your flooring, your carpets, and your bedsheets by training your new friend with these pads!
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6. Male dog diaper wraps

In case the pads are too much to handle, these wraps will do the trick. They’re gentle and wrap securely around your little dog friend. They don’t leak either! The straps are non-itch and won’t disturb your dog either.
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5. Tooth and gum finger wipes

If toothbrushes are too intimidating for your pets, these finger wipes might be gentler and easier for them to get used to. Simply pop one on your finger and get to scrubbing your pet’s teeth and gums. Be gentle and careful and assure them of how good they are after!
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4. Anti-parasitic deodorizing powder

This all-natural solution to keeping away bad odor from pets also repels pests with the added ingredient of citronella. So dispel odors while keeping external parasites away, too!
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3. Tick buster spray

If your pet is suffering from ticks, try this product out. It safely removes and repels ticks. According to the product description, it is “formulated not just to repel or kill ticks but to ERADICATE them all.”
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2. Large-scale aquarium air pump

We’re here for the fish lovers, too! In case you’ve got an aquarium that’s a little bigger and requires more airflow, this is the pump for you.
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1. Pet care Christmas bundle

A bundle that’ll be a perfect gift for your pet! It includes shampoo, some pet cologne, and other care products that are perfect for your furry friend. Who says pets can’t get Christmas gifts, too?
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