Get These Fashionable Glasses at up to 85% OFF!

Since a lot of us spend most of our time working from home and in front of screens, whether big or small, it’s no surprise that it takes a toll on our eyesight after a while. If you’re in the market for protective glasses or eyeglass frames, you can save more while Baobab is on sale in Lazada!

You can score some of the trendiest eyeglasses and accessories with discounts of up to 85%! Here are some eyewear and accessories you might be interested in.

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If you’ve got bad eyesight and you’ve been meaning to change up your glasses, Baobab’s lens replaceable specs such as this are your best bet. You can choose your newest frame from their many pretty designs. (Buy this design here)

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Looking for something that can help protect your eyes from radiation? They also have trendy glasses that have gadget-safe, anti-radiation, and anti-blue light lenses. (Buy this design here)

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Since summer is here, you might want to consider their sun-adaptive and gadget-safe specs that basically protect you from radiation while you’re indoors and it can instantly turn into sunglasses when you step outside. It’s a 2-in-1 deal! (Buy these transitional glasses here)

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Photo from Lazada

Baobab also offers eyewear accessories at a discounted price—such as this super cute leather case! Get it here.

Don’t miss the chance to get your eyewear haul on sale at Baobab Eyewear.

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