Get that Call Center Job with Help from Learning Website Kalibrr

 Get that Call Center Job with Help from Learning Website Kalibrr




MANILA, Philippines, 22 November 2012 – Great salary and benefits, plus many opportunities for career growth – it’s no wonder people apply to call centers in droves. Jobseekers looking to get into the call center industry can now get the help they need to get their dream job and create the future they want. Kalibrr is a website that aims to help anyone interested qualify for and land that call center job – for free.



Here’s how it works: to get started, jobseekers create an account on and choose the path they want to take.



Those who want to find a job right away can take the assessment and then skip ahead to Kalibrr’s screening stage. Those who want to train and build their confidence first can take the lessons.



The lessons teach users specific skills they’ll need for a call center job, like English and computer skills. Depending on how quickly they learn, they can finish the course within 15 to 30 hours. After completing the course, Kalibrr then refers them to one of its partner companies for a job interview. The best part? For jobseekers, all this is free – from the assessment, to the training, to the referral.



Kalibrr has already helped jobseekers in Metro Manila land call center jobs. Merlilia Abuzo is a single mom in her thirties who finished one year of college. She was looking to leave her job as a product inspector at a manufacturing company to create a better future for her son. Jasmine Bautista is a 20-year-old who was only making P8000 a month as an English tutor. Completely on her own, she needed to pay for rent, food, and her other needs.



These two ladies have different situations, but were given the same opportunity – free online call center training and a job interview with a top company in Manila, courtesy of Kalibrr. Today, they work at a multinational company in Taguig City, earning twice as much as they used to and building the foundation for a promising career.



While it’s currently focused on the call center industry, Kalibrr plans to expand its scope to other jobs, as well as other provinces in the Philippines. Kalibrr recently received a one hundred thousand dollar (over four million pesos) investment from Kickstart Ventures, a subsidiary of Globe Telecom, which will help it to improve its services and reach more people.




Visit or to learn more about Kalibrr.




About Kalibrr

Kalibrr is a learning website designed to help jobseekers get real jobs, starting with the call center industry. Composed of a global team of top talent, the company aims to create economic opportunities through learning and employment. Visit to learn more.





Get that Call Center Job with Help from Learning Website Kalibrr

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