Get Your Grilled Chicken Fix at Chicka Chicka Chicken House

Every time I leave my house, I’m reminded of how much people from our town love chicken. In our barangay alone, there are five lechong manok stalls, plus fried chicken hole-in-the-wall stores at almost every block. I can also say that I’m one of these chicken lovers because when I was still working in Ortigas, I would eat fried chicken almost everyday.

Despite my love for fried chicken, there are still days when I get fed up with it and want to try something new, though. During my search for a great chicken fix, I ended up in Quezon City in front of an inviting facade called Chicka Chicka Chicken House.

The cute chicken inviting us inside :3

As we entered the store, the friendly staff greeted us with the warmest welcome. The ambiance is very vibrant. It has a very amiable feel to it. The walls are nice and bright, the space looks cozy, and their cute chicken mascot is a fun fixture found all around the place. Since this is a chicken house, the interior has a chicken coop structure as part of the theme.

We love the theme of a chicken house with a chicken coop inside

The vibrant color of the walls makes the place feel cozy and warm 

Their concept is between fast food and artisanal quality. This means that you’ll have perfectly handled meals with a price point that does not break the bank. The quality of their chicken is ensured as they source their poultry from their own farms. That’s legit farm-to-table!

Chicken all day everyday!

Waiting for our food to be served 😉

Now, let’s dig in!

Large Loaded French Fries – Php120 

Large Loaded Onion Rings – Php140

Their fries and onion rings are great on their own. They are well seasoned, crisp, and fresh off the fryer. You’ll surely love them as sides. Here’s a piece of advice, though: you can order the fries or onion rings and ask the staff to load’em up. What you’ll have is freshly fried fries or onion rings topped with cheese, shredded chicken, and sautéed veggies. They tend to be on the savory side, but the dish works! Make sure to get a bit of everything as the different textures of the ingredient are quite a treat. The crispy fries and onion rings with a little crunch from the veggies, the tender chicken, and a touch of cheese create a perfect bite out of the dish.

Chicken Pares – Php65 and Chicken Salad – Php135

You can visit  Chicka Chicka when you’re in the mood for something light and fresh, too. For this, I recommend one of the Chicka Chicka Bowls – The S1 – Chicken Salad. The salad has very fresh and crisp vegetables. The shredded chicken is cooked to perfection, so it won’t feel grainy on the tongue. Chicka Chicka really has a knack for creating complementing textures for their offerings. Dressed with vinaigrette, the acidity of the salad is also a great starter to stimulate your appetite.

Chicken Arroz Caldo – Php70

This is one hearty dish! The Chicken Arroz Caldo is so flavorful that you can tell after one spoonful that a lot of time and care went into the preparation of this dish. The porridge is full-bodied – the rich broth from hours of boiling chicken bones to extract the flavor of the bird, pieces of chicken to satisfy your tummy, boiled egg that complements the arroz caldo, and chicken skin chicharon on top for added texture. Whether you’re out for merienda, just need something warm on rainy days, or are recovering from a hangover; Chicka Chicka Bowl B2 will satisfy you.

2-piece Chicka’n Rolls – Php45

This is probably the Best Chicken Lumpia I’ve ever had! I know Filipinos have placed lumpia on the pedestal of Pinoy food and regard it as must-haves on our feast tables, so I really take it to heart when I recommend great lumpia. Right of the bat, this Chicka’n Roll is always crispy because it’s served immediately after being fried. The unique take on their lumpia is that the filling is not finely ground. You will find chunks of chicken meat inside the roll after the first bite! This creates several layers of flavors. You will be able to tell the taste of each ingredient as it hits your tongue: the chicken, the vegetables, and the cheese. As part of their Daily Deals, this is a steal! Deal M3 will get you two pieces of Chicka’n Rolls and a cup of rice.

To get your money’s worth, get the Daily Deal to have rice with the Chicka’n Rolls for only Php65!

Top tip: upgrade your daily deal meal. You can add 9 pesos to get another cup of rice. Better yet, upgrade your rice to Chicka Rice by adding 20 pesos! Their Chicka Rice is very filling as there’s chicken mixed into the flavored rice. So if your budget is tight, but want to have a glimpse of the taste of their signature grilled chicken; get the M3 + Chicka Rice upgrade.

Beautifully grilled with grill marks. Yum!

There’s an interesting back story that comes with this dish: the recipe for the grilled chicken was actually developed in the United States. Chefs and grilling pros have contributed to its recipe. To make it suit the Filipino taste, the recipe was tweaked, but the top-notch process of preparing the poultry has stayed the same. If you’ve consumed a number of roasted or grilled chicken, you’ll surely know what makes Chicka Chicka’s grilled chicken unique the first time you try it.

Looking at the chicken, you’ll notice the nice grill marks on the skin. This is a sign of the cooking staff’s artisanal care. The first bite is heavenly. The chicken is so tender and juicy! I’ve had a lot of bad experiences eating dry and rubbery grilled chicken because it’s over done, but Chicka Chicka’s grilled chicken was a revelation. The taste is on the sweet side – the way most Filipinos like it – but it’s not overpowering. The highlight is really the taste of quality chicken on each bite. Even though the recipe is developed overseas, the taste is not too foreign. You also have a choice from four sauces: Honey Mustard, Garlic Pepper, Chilli Chilli, and Classic Chicka.

Chicka Combo Breast and Wing part with white rice and drink – Php160 

My personal favorites are Chilli Chilli and Classic Chicka. When you order the Leg-Thigh part, try the Chilli Chilli sauce. Since it’s dark meat, the full flavor of the chicken is there, and you can add spicy and “spice-y” (because of the herbs and spices) layers of flavor from the Chilli Chilli sauce.

Chicka Combo upgraded with Chicka Rice – Php160 + Php20

If you order the Wing-Breast part, try the Classic Chicka Sauce. The flavor profile of the sauce is similar to the grilled chicken’s marinade. Since your partaking in white meat, you can accentuate the Chicka-style flavor of the chicken by dipping it in b. If you want a peppery and aromatic take on the chicken, go with Garlic Pepper Sauce. If you’d like something sweet with a kick at the end, try the Honey Mustard Sauce.

Have a Chicka Combo with a side of Jalapeño Cream Corn or Macaroni Salad for Php180 or ala carte sides starting at Php45

Top tip: they have awesome sides, too. Try the Jalapeño Cream Corn if you want something new. The mild spiciness that the jalapeños add to the creamed corn complements the sweetness of the corn well. If you want something familiar, their Macaroni Salad is nice to have, as well.

Chicka Chicka Chicken House has a great menu of chicken meals. I may be a fried chicken guy, but Chicka Chicka can give fried chicken joints a run for their money. I may have actually become a grilled chicken convert and crave it almost everyday now.

Chicka Chicka Chicken House

Unit 4, Ground Flr., Robinsons Zeta Tower, Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Quezon City


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