Get Creative with Ayala Museum’s 2012 ST’ART Summer Art Workshop

Hey Kiddies! When in Manila, don’t miss AYALA MUSEUM’S 2012 ST’ART SUMMER ART WORKSHOP!


Calling on Kids 7-12!!


Love ART?


St’ART Summer Art Workshop is here! 



Get creative this summer at Ayala Museum! Ayala Museum launches their 2012 St’ART Summer Art Workshop featuring 8 creative workshops that will introduce different techniques from LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL art scene–Fernando Zobel, Andy Warhol, Picasso, HR Ocampo, and more! Ayala Museum’s St’ART Summer Art Workshop aims to introduce these techniques in an easy and fun way, at the same time expanding the child’s knowledge and appreciation to art.




 Ayala Museum’s 2012 St’ART Summer Art Workshop Poster


At an affordable cost, workshop fees are P250 per session or P2000 for all, that includes the kits your child will use. Enroll in all 8 workshops and get a complimentary student membership good for 1 year for your child!


St’ART Summer Art Workshop Classes are from 3 – 5 pm on all Thursdays of April and May.



So what are you waiting for? When In Manila, register your kids and discover the artistic side of him! Start his summer with AYALA MUSEUM’S St’ART SUMMER ART WORKSHOP! LIMITED SLOTS ONLY!



Schedule of Activites are as follow:



4           St’ART Summer Art Workshop:   Fernando Zobel – syringe painting

12           St’ART Summer Art Workshop:   Henri Matisse – drawing with scissors

19           St’ART Summer Art Workshop:  Andy Warhol – pop art portrait painting

26           St’ART Summer Art Workshop:  Jose Joya – clay art



3            St’ART Summer Art Workshop:  Pablo Picasso – Cubism Painting

10           St’ART Summer Art Workshop:  HR Ocampo – collage art

17           St’ART Summer Art Workshop:   George Seurat – puncher pointillism

24           St’ART Summer Art Workshop:   Jackson Pollock – marble – action painting



You may download registration form here

For more information, please contact:

Carla Muñoz 

7577117 local 33 or 35





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