Get Blisstified Coaching Course: How to Launch Your Passion Project

You’ve probably somehow heard the term “Passion Project”.  It could be anything that excites you, like a hobby, a business, a personal challenge. Sometimes around the coming of each new year, the excitement of resolutions kick in, along with retrospecting about your life, your purpose and if that new exercise/diet challenge is really going to make it to the second month.

This is usually the best time to pin point certain things/projects that you think can make you happy for the year. It’s already the middle of 2018, though. Do you still have time to catch up on that passion project? Yes, you do!

Simply put, a passion project is an endeavor you embark on because it excites you and makes you feel like you are doing something you love.

Choosing a passion project can be done anytime of the year. It strikes when it strikes: when you have finally decided to make that choice – a choice to pursue the things you love because when you do that, you usually come out happier, stronger, healthier and more purpose-driven.

If you want to do something that you love to do, like start a business but have no idea where to begin, or feel that you are working too much for too little money, or just want to start creating your own happiness; then check out the Get Blisstified Coaching Course.

This workshop is from the Make It Blissful hub. It is a community for people who like making the most of what live gives them. The main women of Make It Blissful, brand coach Martine De Luna and neurolinguistic life coach Kimi Lu, create learning experiences for women to gain wisdom and come together.

Since 2012, they have been helping women – whether they be brands, bloggers or small businesses establish themselves online. They have been connecting people through creative hubs on Instagram and Facebook and provide personal development coaching.

Get Blisstified is an approach to starting a Passion Project and it will be done in two parts.

Visualizing the Destination: Get Blisstified LIVE in Local Edition, June 30th.

During this afternoon, on-location event, Kimi and Martine will help participants to DEFINE THE DESTINATION : What their passion project actually is. Through a sequence of actions during this workshop, they will coach participants to connect the dots, and answer a defining question, “What is the one thing I need to do today so that I can achieve this goal in my passion project on (date of goal)?” It is a creative, high-vibe, blissful energy-filled 4 hours of mind, body and soul. Result: Participants know what phase of their passion project they will work on and how to get started.

Creating the Path to the Destination: The Get Blisstified Online Masterclass (July to September 2018)

Those who finish the workshop on June 30th and wish to succeed in their passion project can do so through the Get Blisstified Masterclass.  This is an 8-week, encouraging and empowering coaching system that enables you to ACT on the plan you created at the live event, and want to achieve. The Masterclass is a NEW component of both Get Blisstified online which includes BONUS BRANDING SESSIONS WITH Brand Coach Martine, and Branding Workbook for those specifically building a brand, business, blog, social media platform and marketing strategy. It also includes GUIDED MEDITATIONS with Life Coach Kimi Lu, and never-before-released resources for Time Creation, by Martine De Luna.

Here are what some #GetBlisstified clients have to say.

Winsome Box – “I started to see clearly where my passions would take me.”

The Fragrance Specialist – “I was a bit lost on how to execute my plans…you are in enabling hands with Martine & Kimi”

LD Creative Pursuits – “Today, I am loving my work, and I get to have ideal clients”

So what are you waiting for?  Start choosing the next story of your life. As Martine De Luna puts it :

“Sometimes, it is not your family and friends who will help you discover your potential and purpose in life. It is a community and society of like minded people and beautiful souls who are on the same vibe: nourishing hearts, seeking clarity, and cheering on one another towards a goal.

Get Blisstified provides you with the space, time and community that allows you to pursue your passion without judgment, with full support. We are ready for you.”

The Get Blisstified workshop fee is P3,000 (live session only).  There are 5 slots remaining. To apply, click here.

Get Blisstified Coaching Course

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