Gerald Anderson: “a relationship doesn’t fail just because of one person.”

During an interview on a local morning TV show, Gerald Anderson was asked about his breakup with Bea Alonzo – one of the most controversial breakups last year.

(Gerald Anderson Saddened by ‘Overblown’ Reactions to Breakup with Bea Alonzo)

Gerald started by sharing how he handled the pain he went through with the help of his support group. He said that it was as if everyone was on to him at that time.

Later on, he admitted his part on the breakup. However, he also believes that he is not the only one to blame.

Watch the full interview below:


As mentioned in the interview, Gerald soon realized that there are different perspectives on the story and that “it takes two to tango,” which is why he is not the only reason why their relationship ended.

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