Gents, Stay Fashionable Wherever You Go with these Stylish Bags from New York

Words by Hannah Angelique Bacani

For some women, it’s not only chivalry they wish to see in a man, but also a bit of a sense of style. Nothing like a man who knows which tie matches his suit and how to keep his trusty pair of dress shoes squeaky clean and polished. Plus, something stylish to keep your essentials in.

A New York brand of travel bags and accessories, Hook & Albert’s products are made perfect for every kind of man’s daily hustle essentials. Established in 2011, Hook & Albert made it their mission to find the right balance between function and style, with products that are ensured with quality, craftsmanship, and practicality. Here are a few of their signature items that prove just how style and function can go together.

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Commuter’s Backpack

Keep it casual but still sharp with this backpack designed for the hustle and hassle of everyday commuting. This bag is waterproof and made of lightweight, durable materials, with hidden pockets to secure your valuables. It’s a perfect pair for both the casual short sleeves, jeans, and sneakers ensemble and the long and stressful rush of commuting.

Slim Briefcase

Show them that you mean business with this slim briefcase made for the minimalist. The bag is made of smooth leather for that sleek and professional look. It can also carry up to 13-inch laptops. It’s suited for work and business, for the workaholic need not look disheveled and unstylish.

Garment Weekender

Hook & Albert’s signature garment weekender is the real show stopper. The bag, when unzipped fully, lies flat and reveals a garment section that can store up to two suits. It also has shoes and accessories compartments. The garment weekender is made of waterproof material and top-grain leather; indeed a perfect mix of function and style. Now you never have to worry about a wrinkled suit and the hassle of transporting garments.

This thoroughly designed bag also has a storage-friendly feature that enables the garment weekender to be folded into a smaller piece for easy safekeeping and space saving.

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Hook & Albert’s products is available to the Filipino gentlemen through Spectre, a lifestyle shop located in Mandaluyong, with a pop-up branch currently in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig. Spectre offers a number of products from other international brands including Freitag, Loake, Isidore, and many others, making it a one-stop shop for every gentleman’s need.


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