Gefseis Greek Grill: Authentic Greek Cuisine in La Union

If ever your tastebuds are searching for something exotic and flavourful in La Union, Gefseis Greek Grill would be the place for you.

Gefseis Greek GrillGefseis Greek Grill — authentic Greek cuisine right on the shores of San Juan, La Union

Located in San Juan, La Union, this Greek-themed restaurant opened in January 2013 and offers the best of Greek cuisine with a bonus of having the perfect view of the beach.

Gefseis Greek GrillIt feels like you’re actually in Greece!

The owner of Gefseis Greek Grill, Mr. Vassieleios Polychronies, shared that he cooked everything on the menu during their first years.

Now with a bigger location and more staff members, he’s still pretty much hands-on with the food preparation.

What sets Gefseis apart is that it offers authentic Greek food.

Mr. Polychronies shared that he never changed his food for the Filipino taste. They don’t even serve plain rice! Everything is exactly how Greek food should taste like—from the serving of the food to every single spice included in their dishes.

Gefseis Greek GrillThe Souvlaki Pork Platter (Php 280-300)

One of their bestsellers is the Mix Souvlaki Platter, which combines different types of grilled meat (you can choose between lamb, beef, pork, or chicken) served with two pieces of pita bread or Greek-styled rice. It also comes with fries, tomatoes, onions with parsley, garlic and hot sauce, plus a homemade sauce that’s bursting with flavor.

Gefseis Greek GrillThe Kontosouvli Pork (Php 200-270)

Another bestseller is the Kontosouvli Pork/Lamb — chunks of meat marinated with different Greek spices overnight, then slow-roasted to a tender flavorful perfection.

Gefseis Greek GrillThe Saganaki Cheese (Php150)

Their Saganaki Cheese is a bestselling appetizer. It basically consists of fried saganaki cheese served with lemon. The saltiness of the cheese combined with the tangy flavor of the lemon is sure to work up your appetite for the feast that is to come.

Gefseis Greek GrillBanana Yogurt Shake (Php140)

What’s a meal without a cool drink? Gefseis offers their bestselling Banana Yogurt Shake, which is Greek yogurt with bananas that’s turned into—you guessed it—a shake. It’s the perfect way to flush down the many flavors of Greek cuisine while looking at the waves down by the shore.

Gefseis Greek GrillBaklava (Php170)

To top off this full-course meal, have a taste of their bestselling dessert: the Baklava. It is a sweet Greek pastry made with layers of filo filled with chopped walnuts and pistachio sweetened with syrup. It’s a hot, sweet, and tasty treat. The walnuts and pistachio add a bit of a tangy flavor to the sweetness, turning it into the best way to end a scrumptious meal.

Gefseis Greek GrillEverything is Greek-inspired!

Even the restaurant is designed to make you feel like you’re actually in Greece. It overlooks the beach, and the place is peppered with various kinds of Grecian memorabilia—from miniature statues to tissue holders designed with the faces of Greek gods. It’s the whole package!

Gefseis Greek GrillThis is the view right outside of Gefseis

With San Juan, La Union being hailed as the ‘Surfing Capital of the North’, many international restaurants have popped up all around town (check out some of them here!), but Gefseis is the only Greek-themed restaurant in the area.

So, if you’re looking for a restaurant that’s unique and is sure to sweep you off your feet, Gefseis Greek Grill is the place for you.

Gefseis Greek Grill

Urbiztondo beach, San Juan, La Union


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