Go Around the World in Planet G San Juan La Union

At the beachfront of San Juan La Union, a new establishment has risen called Planet G. With San Juan being the hottest spot in La Union right now, and also my favorite since it has everything I crave for, I immediately checked out this place for you.

Planet G-4

Planet G-5

On the ground floor of Planet G is where all the restaurants are located. Let’s start with Kaizen.

Planet G-3

Kaizen is a Japanese-themed restaurant that serves assorted Japanese food and the best fusion rolls.

Planet G-6

If you’re craving for a Japanese rice meal, this Oyakodon is the best pick for you.

Planet G-7

You should definitely check out this humongous Godzilla Roll and Salmon Lover with Salmon Tatare on the sides, too, though.

Planet G-1
Next up is Gee’s! Gee’s is an American-themed restaurant that serves one of the best burgers in the area.

Planet G-2

With its filled and juicy meat, Gee’s Burger is a must-try!

Planet G-12

This one is their Fil-Am fusion of Sisig and Pizza: the Sisig Pizza – also a must-try!


Meanwhile, Raven’s Nest is the healthy option in the area – perfect if you’re detoxing while on vacation.

Planet G-9

They serve great salads, fruit juices, shakes and sandwiches.

Planet G-10

This is the Chicken Pesto Sandwich – one of their must-try dishes!

Planet G-11
Their Global Kitchen is the canvass for the chef. Basically, they cook whatever they can think of here. As of now, they serve the best Filipino dishes in the kitchen.

Wanna check out the party on the 2nd floor? Read on then!