Geekgikan 2016: It’s All About Creativity, Collaboration, and Passion

Geek culture here in Manila is very much alive.

And if this year’s Geekgikan Festival is any indication, it only means that the passion for all things geeky is never going out of style.

Gone are the days when geeks are somehow made fun of by the cool guys because as per the festival’s co-founder Victor Prieto: geek is the new cool.

Geeks are the cool guys now.

They’re the ones with the cool gadgets and toys. People like to hang out with them because they have first dibs on the latest craze in comics, movies, toys, music, and TV.

It’s fun talking with them because they’re full of passion. They know what they’re talking about and the energy is infectious. You want to be around them because they can shed light on the latest episodes of Game of Thrones or how the MCU in film is greatly influenced by the comics.

Today, being a geek is essential. When you’re not geeking out about something, you’re, in some ways, on the outs especially since these things are what most people talk about in the office pantry or at the dinner table.

Your social media timelines are bombarded with everything geek from spoilers to episode recaps to movie trailers.

There’s no escaping the geek culture.

And that’s why more and more people are getting in touch with their inner geeks.

If you’ve always been a geek and want to meet like-minded individuals or a closeted one and want to get your hands wet on this ever-exciting culture, the Geekgikan Festival is the best place to do it.

Geekgikan and its humble beginnings

Geekgikan started last year in Cubao Expo with just one tent. Spearheaded by Tony Tuason, Geekgikan celebrates the geek culture in the country while encouraging collaboration between creatives. The inaugural celebration was so successful it led to an even bigger festival this year with more partners and an even bigger turnout.

Geekgikan 2016

While the fun stuff is expected to start at night, geeks flocked to this spot in Cubao as early as 2 pm. By this time, partners have started setting shop so people can start checking out cool items like customized shirts, stickers, and lots of toys!

Check out some photos at Geekgikan 2016:

Stickers, stickers, stickers!

Geekgikan 2016 toys

There were lots of comic books for sale during Geekgikan 2016. 

Geekgikan 2016 comics

These super impressive artworks were definitely worth checking out. In fact, they’re so good I ended up buying one. It’s the one of Superman and Batman.

Geekgikan 2016 artwork

You’re never too old for toys. This virtual reality simulator works with most Android phones. It’s cool what you can do with tech these days. Who needs Oculus when you have these more affordable and durable alternative?

Geekgikan 2016

One of the partners, Long Live Play PH brings your game fantasies to life. And it’s very clear how they’re able to do it. Check out these cool items:

Geekgikan 2016 hammer

Geekgikan 2016 game controllers

As the night nears, the number of people grew bigger. More and more showed up to revel the night away.

Geekgikan 2016

Geekgikan had a lot in store for everyone–from amazing freebies and prizes to really great bands.

Boardgame junkie? The Appraisery is the place to go for ultra cool games.

Geekgikan 2016

Geekgikan 2016

HMT’s artist was there to create magic on paper. Impressive work!

Geekgikan 2016

To keep everyone entertained, the bands started to dish out great performances.

A Problem Like Maria, Halik ni Gringo, Nanay Mo, and Shadow Moses all made sure everyone got their cravings for awesomely addicting music satisfied.

Geekgikan 2016

Geekgikan 2016

Geekgikan 2016

Geekgikan 2016

Geekgikan 2016

Geekgikan 2016

This geekfest was definitely one night to remember. There are so much offerings for the senses from music to booze to grilled food to stunning lightsaber fights. No matter where you turn, there’s something interesting going on.

These padawans are very serious about their craft.

Geekgikan 2016

Geekgikan 2016

There were lots of things to bring home, to give you something to remember the event with, like stickers from Art Trade MNL or shirts from Nobody and Geeking Tom.

Geekgikan 2016

Geekgikan 2016

Your room would look a lot better with one of these plastered on your wall.

Geekgikan 2016

These faces sum up the entire Geekgikan experience.

Geekgikan 2016

And if their movements were any indication, these girls are having one heck of a geeky fun night.

Geekgikan 2016

The future of Geekgikan

While they can’t disclose any information on next year’s festivities yet, founder Tony Tuason says there’s a potential for an even bigger geekfest with all the attention their organization has acquired.

Since our first event last year, the number of participating shops, geek companies and partners has grown significantly. This was also the first time we had live performances, and all of them are geeks and hangout in Cubao X. Geekgikan was formed purely based on collaboration between creative minds who met in Cubao X, and our community of geeks and entrepreneurs keeps on growing,” he says.

And when it comes to being a geek, here’s what he has to share:

What’s important is the passion and how you share it to other people. Everyone is welcome in Geekgikan, and that’s what we wanted to show. That different kinds of people can be geeks, be cool with each other and enjoy different things.”

So, here’s to all you geeks out there!

Photos by Juan Paulo Vergara


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