Gearing Up For 2014: Must-Have Gadgets for 2014

With 2013 coming to a close, the time has come to prepare for what you need to make the new year YOUR year When in Manila.

The biggest trends came in the smallest forms last year – from tablets, smartphones, to the accessories that come with them. It’s only going to get bigger and life is only going to move faster from here on out. So, here’s a quick guide on what to add to your daily pack come 2014.


Must-Have Gadgets For 2014:  A Quick Guide On What To Include In Your Daily Pack This 2014



Portable Power

Having a multitude of gadgets has become the norm. Therefore, a portable power bank is simply the next best thing you can add to your paraphernalia. Invest in one that is sturdy (but slim and light), multi-functional, and accredited by global standards. One of the better options you can go for is the MiLi Power Nova I, for tablets and smartphones, with 5000mah. Find it at Rustan’s Department Store or learn more about it at



Go Wireless

Tangled cables can easily become a hassle, especially when traveling. Give yourself a break with a handy Bluetooth speaker. Its wireless capability allows convenient, hands-free connectivity as you enjoy your favorite tunes on the fly. A good option to look into is Divoom, a brand with a full variety of Bluetooth speakers in different formats, to suit whatever lifestyle. For travels, try the Bluetune Solo – best for audio streaming and hands-free call-taking. Find it at SM Appliance Center or Astrovision. Visit for more information.

Check out our reviews on some of Divoom’s other portable speakers here and here.

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Adapt Anywhere

As the tagline goes: it’s a staple for any moder- day jetsetter to have a universal adapter to take along on trips. Fortunately, most are now equipped with the much-needed USB ports for charging gadgets like smartphones and tablets. For the ladies, the can’t-do-without hair dryer. Invest in a safe and reliable brand like Skross. Swiss-owned and internationally patented, it is guaranteed in most countries around the world as a go-to power product.


Get Personal

Music has become a very personal medium. For most, it is a way of expression and to find one’s private cocoon. Quite the contrary, just any earphones won’t do. Choose one from a brand whose expertise lies in producing exceptional audio quality, such as Blaupunkt Personal Audio.

Blaupunkt has made its name as one of the most reputable in car audio, where some of the most discerning markets in audio listening is found. In this case, choose from any of the brand’s in-ear or over-ear headphones and you’re sure to experience the best your favorite music has to offer. Find the full collection at  Rustan’s Department Store or Egghead and learn more at

So, this 2014, gear up with the best (and we don’t just mean “popular”) accessories to complement your much-loved gadgets When in Manila. Keep in mind that the product should suit your lifestyle and make being mobile the most fun (and productive) kind of life.



Gearing Up For 2014: Must-Have Gadgets for 2014