Divoom ITour-Rock: portable speaker with a Rockstar attitude and sound

When In Manila and you need a little spice in your own personal space through music with an attitude or personality, grab the Divoom ITour-Rock portable speaker! The Divoom ITour-Rock sports an edgy design with a matching grungy effect to your music, along with some nifty tricks that would definitely fit your rock-star personality.


Build/Packaging: I won’t dive further into the packaging since Divoom has always presented with great quality and a simplistic yet eye-catching designs throughout their line-up. The Divoom ITour-Rock comes with a vertically rectangular hard plastic packaging that is not too big neither too small. So in avoiding too much emphasis on the packaging which is overall great from Divoom, let me head on to the build quality.


The build quality on the ITour-Rock gives a better emphasis on quality and durability even over the Divoom Bluetune-1 which I previously have reviewed. The well done matte plastic body of the ITour-Rock sports a very distinctive and edgy design that boasts off quality and durability. Upon having this portable speaker in your hand, you’d feel right away how the body is fitted with durability in mind. It has ample weight, texture and no sight and feel at all of any possible future quality and durability issues. The 3.5mm jack is hidden under the ITour-Rock similar to the Divoom Bluetune-1 which is quite a cool style and feature by Divoom. Easily lodges the 3.5mm underneath which keeps the design cool and keeps the cable from being annoying when not used.


Sound Quality: As a portable speaker, and staying in-line with the audio capacity of portable speakers, I love how the Divoom I-Rock gives a grungy feel to the music. It’s no speaker just blasting bass, it has a distinct sound that caters to rock music which is dominantly aggressive with the treble, yet not lacking in bass at all. Funny and interesting note on the Divoom ITour-Rock is that, the Divoom ITour-Rock tends to move around while playing music. I’m not sure if this is really meant for the I-Rock but I like it! The fact that the Divoom ITour-Rock focuses on a unique aggressive character matches with it slightly moving around while blasting music through it. Some people might find this annoying, so I suggest those who might find it annoying to check-out the other Divoom portable speakers since Whitney Houston might not be a good match to portable speakers dancing around right? But for those with an edgy and energetic character, and also for those who rock out to their music, the ITour-Rock would really match your character and positive vibes!

The Divoom ITour-Rock retails for P1,100.

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Divoom ITour-Rock: portable speaker with a Rockstar attitude and sound


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