Divoom Bluetune-1 portable bluetooth speaker: small size, complete and loud sound

When In Manila and seeking for a portable speaker that you could put anywhere in your room or office and blast sound from meters away, the Divoom Bluetune-1 packs so much in such a small firm body. It is loud, complete sounding, easy to pair with on bluetooth, and so much more! Whether you are on the go, in the office, at home, setting up an intimate party, the Divoom Bluetune-1 is a great overall companion!

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Build/Packaging: The packaging of the Divoom Bluetune-1 is very durable and yet, compact just to fit the size. It comes in a vertically rectangular shaped hard plastic. The Divoom Bluetune also comes with the standard USB cable for charging. Yup, the Divoom Bluetune-1 has internal rechargeable batteries! Rejoice! You can partner the USB cable with any standard 5v wall charger with a USB input to charge the Divoom Bluetune-1 aside from just charging it using a laptop/desktop.



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The build is superb for such a small speaker. It has enough weight and texture to know that it can last quite long. This is one gripe that I have with other portable speakers, when they just feel way too light and too plastic.

The Divoom Bluetune-1 has proper weight and feel, it gives somewhat an assurance of the build quality not being cheap. Aside from having a good feel of durability, the weight is also a factor to keep when raising the volume. You wouldn’t want your bluetooth speaker walking around your desk and finding it after a few minutes on the floor right?



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Performance: So how does it sound? It does not sound anywhere near its size. It has no sub-woofer like bass, yet the bass was enough for a small form factor. I also noticed that raising the volume on the Divoom Bluetune-1 showed almost no clipping or distortion to the sound, probably unless you add too much equalization or boost the bass way too much. The whole sound spectrum sounded enough and there was no range that was lacking. We were really surprised at how the Divoom Bluetune performed. Since it is a bluetooth speaker and because of the size, I was expecting much less, but the Divoom Bluetune delivered well. Using an iPhone paired to the Divoom Bluetune-1 and boosting the volume up to around 80 or 90% was already loud for a room. We tried the Divoom Bluetune-1 at our dining table and raising the volume up to 90% to maximum on an iPhone was enough to cover the dining room and even reach our living room. Pretty darn loud for a bluetooth speaker and for a small size at that. Also to note, the Divoom Bluetune-1 has a 3.5mm connector hidden at the bottom for times when you would want to pair it straight to a player or laptop that has no Bluetooth function.



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Overall, the Divoom Bluetune-1 is a really handy and capable Bluetooth speaker. Pairing is fast, and the sound is nowhere mediocre. It plays loud and has very minimal distortion for its size and for its Bluetooth function. The Divoom Bluetune-1 retails for P2,250.




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Divoom Bluetune-1 portable bluetooth speaker: small size, complete and loud sound