GCash Continues to Foster Inclusive Workplace and Empower LGBTQ+ Employees

Before joining GCash, the Philippines’ leading finance app and largest cashless ecosystem, Hamill (she/her) was looking for a workplace that would allow her to fully express herself as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. For Hamill, gender expression is an important part of how she shows up at work, and though other companies were willing to hire her, they were reluctant to fully accept her identity as a trans woman.

Given how GCash is leading the push for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the Philippines’ fintech industry, Hamill not only found a workplace that welcomes her as she is, but also a work culture where queer employees are empowered every day.

Gcash pride month

A Pride March participant who showed interest to know more about the GNation and how its employees

“When you have that confidence, it reflects in your work. You are productive, and that gives you pride,Hamill, who is the technology change manager at GCash, says,We have a lot of LGBTQIA+ managers and employees, and they are free to express their identities. Sometimes, when work gets tough, the burden is lighter because colleagues lift you up.”

Hamill is one of the many queer individuals working with GCash who attests to the company’s drive for workplace and financial inclusion—whether through fair and anti-discriminatory workplace policies or innovative financial products like insurance for same-sex couples.

Building on the successes of last year’sWerk with Pridecelebration, GCash is strengthening its commitment to break the barriers that hinder the LGBTQIA+ community from economic empowerment.

“At GCash, we are committed to empowering all individuals, regardless of gender or experience. As a progressive leader, I am empowered to challenge the status quo, and our vision of Finance For All starts from our employees who run the company; which is why we ensure inclusion is embedded in everything we do. This paves the way for us to be more innovative and enables us to create greater impact in the lives of every Filipino we serve,says GCash chief people officer Robert Conrad Gonzales.

Same-sex partners as dependents

Ian (he/him), finance transformation manager at GCash, says he felt secure and genuinely valued when he joined GCash, especially when it launched the Life Partner Benefits program. Under the policy, employees can declare their same-sex partners as dependents and extend benefits to them with minimal requirements and without a marriage certificate.

Because of the Life Partner Benefits program, Ian was able to enroll his same-sex partner of three years, Theo, as his primary dependent in his HMO. Ian also got to nominate Theo as the primary beneficiary of his life insurance policy. The Life Partner Benefit program offers health insurance, disability and accident insurance, bereavement coverage, wellness allowances, and access to mental health apps like KonsultaMD and Mind You.

In a predominantly Catholic nation like the Philippines, where the law does not recognize same-sex unions and same-sex marriage is not legal, this is a significant move. The queer community in the Philippines also lacks key legal and social protections, including systemic financial inclusion, in the absence of a nationwide law protecting them from discrimination—despite more than two decades of fierce lobbying.

“Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and fairness,Ian says.GCash recognizes and values its employees and their life partners, ensuring that individual differences and circumstances are respected and supported.”

GCash also offers insurance for same-sex couples outside the company at an affordable price and with minimal paperwork through GInsure, with insurance partners such as FPG Insurance, Singlife, Sun Life, and Generali.

Anti-discrimination in the workplace

GCash upholds a strong anti-discrimination policy in the workplace. DEI training is conducted to ensure fair treatment for all employees, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.

GCash has earned the Great Place to Work (GPTW) Certification in 2023, due in no small part to its commitment to inclusivity. This year’s internal employee survey for 2024 showed a 91% inclusion score, which covers the company’s commitment to the fair treatment of all employees, regardless of age, race, ethnic background, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. This culture has empowered LGBTQIA+ employees to be their most authentic selves at work, without worrying about being accepted.

GCash also has a network of queer employees calledQueer Peers CommYOUnity.In addition to being able to connect with like-minded peers through social activities, this network works hand-in-hand with the company’s HR team in pushing for programs and policies for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Gcash pride month

GCash marketing team Jeremiah (he/him), who is part of Queer Peers CommYOUnity, is proud to work in a diverse environment

Jeremiah (he/him), who is part of Queer Peers CommYOUnity and the Marketing team, is proud to work in a diverse environment.You meet people of different backgrounds. You get to learn from the best people in the tech industry regardless of their gender identity and orientation,Jeremiah says.One day, you’re meeting with a girl in a pink tutu, and the next day, you have a meeting with a guy in a big ball outfit with organza ruffles—it’s amazing. You can just be who you are, and you can do your best without being ashamed of being who you are.”

The policies and culture for queer employees at GCash are part of a broader effort to promote financial inclusion for queer Filipinos. This is also a testament to GCash’s commitment to uphold one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which seeks to eradicate systemic gender inequalities.

“GCash is a champion in innovation, not just in our tech solutions but in creating positive change for all Filipinos, including the queer community. It is crucial for us to exceed compliance standards when it comes to inclusion, to make the financial ecosystem more diverse and inclusive through our services, and to influence partners who can make an impact,CJ Alegre (he/him), sustainability head at GCash, says.For GCash, pride is a celebration of differences, uniqueness, and unity, to achieve progress for all.”