Gal Gadot Is The Highest-Grossing Actress of 2017

Wonder Woman truly brought in some wonder this 2017.

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Gal Gadot, 2017’s breakout actress and the star of DC blockbuster film Wonder Woman, is this year’s highest-grossing female actor, according to Forbes’ annual list of top-grossing actors.

According to the Forbes report, the real-life Diana Prince brought in .

4 billion in global box office receipts this year, according to Forbes’s annual list of top-grossing actors.

This shouldn’t be too surprising, given that Gal starred in two big movies for DC this year: Wonder Woman and Justice League. However, this feat didn’t exactly match her actual paycheck, as the Wonder Woman star reportedly received $300,000 for starring in the film.

Gal Gadot ranks third on the list overall, almost beating Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel, who came in second and first, respectively.

The Rock brought in $1.5 billion in box office sales, while the top dog, Vin Diesel, raked in $1.6 billion. 

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