FUNNY: So is it “ice ice water” or “ice water ice water”? 11 tweets to help you decide!

It looks like another internet argument has divided us netizens. The height of the wswswswsws vs. mingmingming battle has mostly ended but another has driven a wedge between the north and the south once again. A childhood staple, to be exact, one where you had to “change your shoe/foot if it was dirty.” That’s right: Ice ice water/ice water ice water!

As someone who grew up with the “ice ice water” variant, I’ll do my best not to be biased (even though, clearly, it is the superior version). Here are some thoughts from our friends on Twitter:

Aral na lang tayo (Let’s just study). :'(

Getting to the root of the issue! Maybe it is ourselves we must change.

No good night for me, then.

Using another example to get the point across.

This is the path.

Doesn’t sound right at all.

A scientific approach.

Dissecting it for its mechanics. Fair enough.

The real issue here.

This user is concerned with more than just the ice ice water/ice water ice water debate.

This user is taking a very final approach.

What is it really? Ice water or ice ice water? Let us know what you think!

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