FUNNY: 5 Relatable Instagram Boyfriend Truths As Told By The Blogger Jowas

Behind almost every beautiful photo is a patient Instagram boyfriend. Finally, these guys are getting the attention they deserve through the witty group of men who are popularly known as the Blogger Jowas.

Being the constant plus one of their blogger girlfriends, the Blogger Jowas know exactly how things work around here. Hence, here are five truths that all Instagram boyfriends can totally relate to!

5. Sale season is the test of love.

Sale season basically means hours in malls carrying your girlfriends’ fashion picks while helping her decide if the mustard yellow skirt is better than the butterscotch yellow one. Seriously? Who knows?

You will literally love stores with a boyfriend corner aka that chair where you can see boyfriends gazing at their phones while throwing occasional smiles and thumbs up to their girls.

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4. Out of town trips are 50% picture-taking.

Your girlfriend didn’t buy those new swimsuits for nothing. When traveling, every change of outfit and scenery is automatically photo op time.

3. Photography skills come in handy.

Being good at taking photos is almost a must when having a girlfriend. No worries, in a couple of months, you’ll master the art of flatlays and finding the right foreground and background.

2. Eating is secondary.

Hot steamy food? Well, it’s been a while since you’ve eaten one. You know the rule –  flatlay first, eat later.

1. You’re not just a jowa.

Aside from being a jowa, you’re a photographer, assistant and a lot more. On some occasions, you can also be a camera mount, reflector holder, hand model or whatever the situation requires you to be.

But hey,  all these things aside, once you get the perfect shot, your girl’s love and appreciation for you will make all the kneeling, pressing the shutter button, and whatnot worth it. You’re doing amazing, sweetie!

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