Five times the ‘Blogger Jowas’ nailed an Instagram photo!

Bloggers owe it to their ‘Instagram boyfriends’ for their killer photos they upload on their curated feed in Instagram or other online platforms.

An Instagram account is now dedicated to the men of these fabulous ladies who patiently take their photos. With the username @bloggerjowas (‘jowa’  is an informal term for boyfriend or girlfriend), the beaus of the #BloggerBesties poke fun on what goes on and behind the scenes on nailing them slayin’ photos.

Blogger Jowa 1
Fixing minor details of a photo – yes, every detail matters! Miggy Cruz, Laureen Uy’s boyfriend, plunges in to make sure the floaters and the ladies stay together!

Blogger Jowa 2
Some fun in the sun won’t hurt anyone, right? These three men show us how.

Blogger Jowa 3

Killer #ootds when traveling also means killer weight on suitcases! Those amount of luggages must’ve busted out PBB: Unlimited winner and actor Slater Young who is also Kryz Uy’s boyfriend.

Blogger Jowa 4
The fake laugh pose – looks like these two were caught in a bad bromance! Camille and Laureen, you better watch out!

Blogger Jowa 5
Of course, what better way to post a photo mimicking your blogger girlfriend? Joni Koro shows the world a thing or two he learned from girlfriend Camille Co.

Looks like the #BloggerBesties trained their beaus well, don’t you think?

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