Fuerza Bruta: Theater and Rave Party All in One!

When in Manila and you want to watch or do something one of a kind and out of this world… FORGET the movies! FORGET the clubs! Instead, grab your tickets to FUERZA BRUTA and party like you’ve never partied before!



February 14, we were grateful for having been invited to the gala night of Fuerza Bruta. I for one was REALLY REALLY excited to see the show. I’ve seen videos online and I’ve attended the press launch, but I still felt as if I am only understanding 20% of the entire idea. They say Fuerza Bruta is a show you have to see for yourself or you’ll never believe it… I have to say… I STRONGLY AGREE! I’ve taken a few videos but I’ve decided not to post them as to not spoil the element of surprise. Don’t worry though, ‘coz I doubt any amount of videos you see online will ever really prepare you for this. Just make sure to expect the unexpected and get ready to be blown away!


The show was set to start at 8pm, when I got there however, I was surprise to enter what seemed to be a restobar. I quickly looked up and searched for the hanging pool that I read about, but didn’t see any. I looked around and started to wonder how this was going to be turned into a show. My friends then enlightened me and explained that this restobar was simply the waiting area. Guests/Audience were able to first have a few drinks, eat small snacks and mingle with other people.





Once the show started, we were then led into a big empty room with only 3 exits. We looked around the dark empty room. There were no seats, no carpets, no stage… nothing but a few metal structures and a large black cloth-like material hanging above us.This itself was already a whole new experience in theater/play watching!




Suddenly, the lights went off! Sounds of engines were heard from the front and behind. As my friend Hannah Villasis said, we looked like little cats moving our heads to and fro in anticipation of what’s about to happen and WHERE it’s going to happen(haha). Out of no where, light from a door-like structure in front is seen and a man is walking towards that door. The man is walking on a small “walkalator-on-wheels”. While the man walks forward, the walkalator is pushed backwards by the crew men. The show begins.




The entire show had the audience standing and moving around, so wear shoes that are comfortable to you! I wore a pair of high-heeled sandals for the first time and my feet were aching like crazy by the end of the night! The stage was literally every where! We had to look all over the place finding where the action was! Most of the time, it would be in the MIDDLE of the audience! Sometimes, it would be in front or at the back! Surprisingly, the ceiling and the wall even became the stage! The only thing missing was a performance from BELOW the audience! The show was really a 360 degree experience!




My favorite part, was the hanging pool! A clear bottom pool measuring about 50 feet hung above our heads as a few girls from the cast swam happily in it. There was smashing, laughing, thumping and a lot of spinning! And the best part was the pool gradually gets lower and lower until it is just a few inches above our heads!  Though I warn you that your neck will get quite painful afterward, it’s was still so worth it!





The whole show would really have you hanging on the edge of your seats (if there were any) and have your heart pounding with a varied range of emotions! It’s one of the few (and the only one I’ve seen) shows that really REQUIRES audience participation! If you don’t like interacting with people, then I warn you, there will be A LOT of interacting going on here! The cast will really…LITERALLY be joining the audience and making YOU part of the act. They had the audiences jumping, dancing and screaming like crazy! It was OUT OF THIS WORLD, really a roller coaster ride!




At the end of the show, the audience was encouraged to party like we’ve never partied before as a fire hose was turned on and got several audience members wet! It was expected of course and everyone had so much fun! It was like dancing in the rain! It gives people the chance to just get out of their comfort zones and have a little fun once in a while!





FUERZA BRUTA Story Outline:

There isn’t much of a story but it was really a unique experience to watch Fuerza Bruta. I do however have my own interpretation and understanding of the show. The way I see it, it’s about the struggles of man’s daily life. Not really about the serious problems and what not but more on the stress we get from work, deadlines, and the like! We are constantly on a hamster wheel and keep running but never really get to where we want to go. So many things are thrown at us and we are faced with a truckload of paperwork to deal with at the end of every day!




We turn into zombies just following each other, and doing what the big boss says. All we really want is to just get some peace and quiet but we can’t, because we have to be on the move again. There are days we get so stressed out that we just want to scream or even trash the office.




Then finally, the week ends and the 2 days of the wonderful weekend begin! Time for FUN and PARTYING! Let loose and just go crazy! Everyone, including the audience was urge to participate and jump around! TIME TO PARTY guys!!




Unfortunately, the weekend comes to an end and it’s back to the hamster wheel. Do we take a leap of faith and go for it? Risk our jobs and take the plunge? We want to, and sometimes we do, but somehow, we end up in that same hamster wheel all over again.




You’d really understand my interpretation more if you saw the show yourself! So GO WATCH FUERZA BRUTA NOW and get an OUT OF THIS WORLD experience right here in MANILA!



When: Feb. 14, 2012 to March 26 (6 weeks)

Where: Manila Hotel Tent


Show dates:

Monday to Thursday (Weekdays) – 8 p.m.

Friday and Saturday (Weekends) – 8 p.m. and 11 p.m.


Ticket Prices

Weekdays – Php 2,500

Weekends – Php 3,000



For more info, you can also check out the official website www.hoopla.ph or https://www.fuerzabruta.com/

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