Fuerza Bruta: Splashy Broadway, Shakes Manila!

When In Manila, are you ready to be hooked and hypnotized by a heart pounding and exciting show? Well, you better be… because FUERZA BRUTA—just hit the grounds of Manila!


Today, February 14, 2012—FUERZA BRUTA officially shook their audience as they performed a heart pounding premiere at Manila Hotel Tent, Manila, Philippines.

FUERZA BRUTA, literally meaning “Brute Force” , is a non-verbal interactive play that integrates perception, imagination and a non-stop collision of music to entertain and amaze its audience. It originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2005 and went on to run for 4 years in Broadway.

“FUERZA BRUTA is heart-pounding 60-minute spectacle features performers running and tumbling across a vertical wall of technicolor cloth, flying dancers, a man bursting through moving walls, and dancers wading on a small puddle of water on a hanging pool. is a completely non-verbal performance that uses dance, acrobatics, visual displays, and pumping beats that will rock your world as it floods the senses. The show ends with a techno dance party and the crowd dancing to the music mixes of the DJ.”

By the description, you might be asking “how interactive can it be?” or “what makes it different from other plays?” I had those questions in mind and a lot more, and it was only cleared out when I myself watched the show. And after, all I was able to say was—“AMAZING!”




Honestly, because of imagination, I easily freak out when exposed to dimmed, unfamiliar places… And that was the impression FUERZA BRUTA gave me at first. Lights off and sudden bright lights with sounds coming from different directions. Then appears the man standing on a 6-foot-high treadmill, walking continuously, then running, then boom was the sound! The beginning did not fail to excite my senses—AT ALL! And I enjoyed every second of it, despite the fact that the sound effects made me scream twice! Smile



Tables and chairs were being “thrown up” the treadmill. Simultaneously, other characters started to appear and also started walking. Then was the “shifting” of view. From the side appeared a 20-feet Mylar curtain, with performers jumping, tumbling and screaming. Imagination now took over me.


Audience participation is highly recommended the entire show. We were asked to move around the venue a couple of times, which gave me the feeling of “excitement” on what scene is next, which direction the acts will come from.. The performers themselves interacted with their audience making the show lively, pumping and fun!

Dancing, gawking and screaming is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED too! With the use of dynamic sounds, surely you are to dance and “jam” with the performers. They scream, you shout louder!SmileI actually did!





Also, the audience can touch and have a feel of the props used during the play, can you just imagine how does a 45-foot clear-bottom tilting pool be utilized in a play? Unbelievable again? Take a look…



YES, FUERZA BRUTA, made what I thought was impossible, possible. Plus the fact that you MIGHT get wet, gave me the feeling of tension in a GOOD way. Smile The show ended with an after party with techno music being played from the DJ’s remixes. Truly, the show made its impact on me. Not only because of the SPECTACULAR effects, but also because of the INTERACTION with the play itself.

No doubts on why FUERZA BRUTA has been followed by popular celebrities like Kanye West, Orlando Bloom, Russell Brand, Demi Moore, Tyra Banks, Jim Carrey, Beyonce and a lot more! FUERZA BRUTA has been performed in major cities worldwide such as Miami, London, New York and Taipei.

Thanks to Hoopla, Inc, the same company that brought the famous “Cirque Du Soleil” here in the Philippines, FUERZA BRUTA has finally arrived in Manila! And is starting to shake its audience!

Local celebrities like Tessa Prieto Valdez, Raymond Gutierrez, Borgy Manotoc and Tim Yap were spotted during the premiere night.

So WHEN IN MANILA, give yourself this once in a lifetime experience .. JUST FOR A NIGHT, FOR 60 MINUTES… be SHAKEN and FEEL THE EXCITEMENT at FUERZA BRUTA: NOW PLAYING IN MANILA!! 

Me at Fuerza Bruta 🙂










Manila Hotel Tent, Manila, Philippines


Show Schedule:

February 14, 2012 to March 26, 2012

Monday to Thursday (Weekdays) – 8 p.m.

Friday and Saturday (Weekends) – 8 p.m. and 11 p.m.


Ticket Categories:

Php 2,500 – Weekdays

Php 3,000 – Weekends


**Tickets may be purchased at www.hoopla.ph, the Manila Hotel concierge, or through (02) 320-1111. Tickets may also be purchased online at the box office before the show.


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