LOOK: These Fruity Foam Cleansers Come With a Built-In Silicone Brush

Cleansing is the first step of any skincare routine and is important to remove any traces of excess oil, makeup, dirt, and environmental residue from your face. If you want to level up your skincare game, though, you should check out Washabrush. Their fruit foam cleansers have properties that allow ingredients to be better absorbed while providing your skin with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that will hydrate your skin for longer and fight pollution at the same time. Plus, they come with a built-in silicone brush to better clean the skin by avoiding bacterial buildup – how cool is that?

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Washabrush originally came from Spain and was softly launched on the BestSellerPinoy Facebook page last February. With the goal of sharing new things and helping people love their natural beauty even more, this first-ever Fruity Facial Foam Cleanser was introduced. This cleanser does not just highlight the scents of delicious fruits but also provides hidden benefits to the skin. Most importantly, it is actually effective. Check out these user testimonials:

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Photo from Washabrush

The Washabrush Fruity Facial Foam cleanser delivers what it promises: a cleansing solution that provides a deep and refreshing clean and smells amazing with natural fruit extracts. “We want to make sure everyone’s skin gets the love it deserves with products that work for all skin types,” they explain. “Forget outdated ideas of how skincare should be. We want to bring unique and innovative products to the beauty market that are practical and achievable so everyone can find the beauty within.”

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Photo from Washabrush

They have also launched a challenge to go bare and dare to be #Unfiltered this October. This campaign’s goal is to help you enhance your natural beauty and love it even more with just one Washabrush Fruity Facial Foam Cleanser. “We want to remind everyone that their features are not their flaws,” they explain. “It is your uniqueness that makes you even more naturally beautiful.” Get your own Washabrush products and join the challenge now!

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