From Winter to Summer: Packing Essentials for Every Season


Average temperature:  -2 to 18 degrees celsius

Spring1Toronto, Canada

Many call spring the moody season. It can be -10 degrees one day and then 10 the following day, or -2 in the coldest hour of the day and then 18 during the hottest at noon. Because of this sporadic change of temperature, getting a spring cold is very common.

As for clothing, dressing in spring is pretty much the same as in the fall. Layers are important so you can just add or take off a layer following the moody temperature in a day. A little fashion advice though—this is spring, the season when flowers are most in full bloom. Wear light, peachier, and happier colors, as opposed to the dark and monotonous shades people usually don in fall.

What to pack: Heat tech garments, tights or pants, sweatshirts, jacket or coat, scarf, gloves, toque (beanie, bonnet, or cap) to cover the head and ears, ear muffs (if really cold), and closed shoes.

Additional items you shouldn’t forget: Moisturizer because you can never go wrong with skin care, and meds in case you catch the cold!


Average temperature: 20 to 40 degrees celsius

Sundowners Vacation Villas Bolinao PangasinanPangasinan, Philippines

Ahhh, the season that feels like home. Summer is the season Filipinos are most familiar with, as our temperatures all year round just play around within this average. Although, of course, actual Philippine summer range from 30 to 38 degrees.

This is the easiest season to pack for, no matter where in the world you’ll go. No need for layers and much planning ahead, you’ll get to pack light! Shorts, tank tops, and light fabrics are very much welcome, as well as sundresses and sandals. At most, you might need to bring just a light cardigan if you’re flying for a European summer, for example, whose summer days usually only get as hot as 25 degrees, which can be considered a cool day in the Philippines.

What to pack: Your lightest clothes, swimsuit, and any comfortable footwear.

Additional items you shouldn’t forget: Sunblock, after-sun moisturizer, and your sense of adventure!

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