From 143 to 127 Pounds (and counting): 10 Weight Loss Tips from Someone Who’s Actually Done It

Ma. Faustine Del Pilar wrote to in the hopes of sharing the story of her incredible weight loss transformation, and possibly inspiring other people as well. “I just want to share my weight loss story and somehow to inspire other people who share the same dilemma as mine,” she wrote to us. “I hope my story will motivate them to achieve their weight goals.”

Read on below to discover Faustine’s humble story.


Being bullied since grade school has made a lot of impact in my personality and on how I interact with other people. I always find my self ugly and not that good enough compared to other people because of my weight. I even got bigger when I got in College. My dream is to become a Flight Attendant, but I wasn’t able to fulfill it up to now because of my weight problem. I’ve tried different ways on how to shed some pounds until I got to a point to try slimming pills. Yes, slimming pills did a little help, but the fats I was able to lose bounced back 2 years ago and, yes, there will be consequences in taking up slimming pills which is not good for your health. I’ve experienced palpitation and sleepless nights due to those pills.

My weight has been my frustration since I was a kid. I am fond of eating junk foods and lots of white rice ever since. Until then I realized that I need to lose weight, yet again, not because I wanted to have that sexy body that other people possess (because sexy is not a size, btw.) but because I want to have a healthy lifestyle. I started my weight loss program this year of March and up to now, I still can’t imagine how I managed to trimmed down my weight from 143lbs to 127lbs (and counting) as of this writing.

I may not be able to fulfill my dream to become a Flight Attendant but my life doesn’t stop there as well as my journey with my weight loss story because I love my body and my life as well. There will be no shortcuts and definitely, you have to work hard if you are really committed with your goals. And always, always trust your self that you can do it!

From 143lbs to 127lbs (and counting): 10 Weight Loss Tips from Someone Who's Actually Done ItFaustine’s weight loss transformation

Here are my 10 weight loss tips:

10. Stay motivated. Nobody will help you except yourself. And always keep in mind that whatever you do, there will always be a certain outcome. As the cliche goes, no pain, no gain.

9. Set your goals and keep them intact.

8. Do not starve and deprive yourself. You can always eat a small proportion just to satisfy your cravings but you should know your limitations and that you have a goal to fulfill.

7. Eat healthy food and have a balanced diet. Replace those junk foods, sodas and sweets to fruits and vegetables. You can replace white rice to brown rice or even a sweet potato or oatmeal. You can always experiment on how you can enjoy your diet food and google is always available for you. 🙂

6. You will never go wrong spending an hour to the gym or a 30-minute home workout. Always find time to burn those extra calories at the end of the day. You can always check some video exercise on Youtube for you to be guided on the different routines depending on your needs.

5. Have enough sleep. Having a lack of sleep while on a diet may lead to dizziness and low blood pressure. Chances are, you will feel weak all throughout the day and will not be able to fulfill your duties for that specific day.

4. Drink plenty of water, green tea and apple cider vinegar. Green tea has become a well-known drink when it comes to weight loss because it is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body and it increases the metabolism of the body. Same goes for apple cider vinegar (drink 1tbsp and mix it with warm water every morning). The acetic acid suppresses your appetite and increases your metabolism as well.

3. Brush your teeth whenever you feel you’re hungry. I swear, it helps. 🙂

2. Take a ‘before photo” so that every time you feel off the wagon, just look at those pictures — that’s all the motivation you need! 🙂

1. Of course, do not forget to enjoy your journey. You may reward yourself once in a while (Pizza, perhaps? 🙂 ) And once you reach your target weight, just maintain it and continue your daily routine and exercise.


Let this serve as an inspiration to all of us—nothing is unattainable if you just set your mind to it! Have you ever experienced something similar to this? Do you have your own weight loss story, or any inspiring tale to tell the world? Share them with us.